Keep Idaho IDAHO Rally – Saturday, Sept. 10th, NOT IN BOISE, IN NAMPA!

Mayor McLean stopped us from having this event in Boise, but Nampa Mayor Kling was welcoming with an honorable handshake. Come find out why the liberals and the establishment are so afraid of Ammon.

Idaho is sliding down that path and becoming like Oregon, we don’t want that to happen and we don’t want Boise to become the NEW Portland! Ammon has solutions but an unholy alliance between the Democrats and establishment Republicans is forming to silence anyone who disagrees with their philosophy.

Bring your family and friends, enjoy the fun and see what the hype is all about. We don’t need to let the Democrats and establishment Republicans ruin Idaho. Together, let’s Keep Idaho IDAHO!

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2 replies on “Keep Idaho IDAHO Rally – Saturday, Sept. 10th, NOT IN BOISE, IN NAMPA!”

Having spent severaL years within the Idaho Legislature & Boise’s local government to restore voting & property rights that have been stolen by Rinos & Democrats who serve the Development industry Lobbyists I completely agree with Mr. Bundy.
The Cartel of Lobbyists & Rinos fear Bundy like they do Trump, they fear Bundy will purge political prostitutes from our local & state run swamps & sever the open access to the ongoing theft of our tax dollars.
Idaho’s detested Forced Annexation law has for decades been in the hands of greedy developers, this unconstitutional law allows the Lobby Cartel to steal property rights , avoid paying appropriate Impact Fees & shove those costs onto backs of taxpayers.
Hitler & now Putin have used Forced Annexation to steal, there is no good or lawful reason for any American politician to mimic these dictators.
Allowing ourselves to be molested by our Public Servants is a choice.. It’s time to assume our civic duty to peacefully & lawfully arrest & remove those who’s records & actions evidence unlawful Oath of Office Contract violations.
Are we sheeple or people ?

Well put and I agree with you. Im am not a sheeple and never have been but we need to get Idaho rinos out and the only way is to vote them out. Please everyone think before you vote. If someone acts like a Dem but is sponsered but the republican party then they are a Rino. Gov Little told everyone in Washington DC he was a Rino, I believe him so lets get rid of him before he imprisoned us.

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