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The Truth will set you free

We are being lied to and have become numb to deceptions. We have allowed this misguidance to lead to the abuse of our free will and have become complacent in our acceptance of the lies being peddled before us. Rather than accepting these lies, let us follow the truth.

The truth is marriage is an institution given by God; to be a faithful union between a man and a woman, each created equal in dignity and complementary to the other. A union blessed by the Creator and oriented toward the procreation and education of children to pass on to the next generation the fruitfulness of living under the laws of nature’s God and the wisdom he has provided to us through His inspired words.

Another truth is we are born either male or female; our sex is determined from the moment of our conception, and no amount of psychobabble or meatball surgery can change that. Those who suffer from this psychological disorder need psychological help, not medical surgery, hormone blockers, or affirmation. We are allowing children to be groomed to accept abnormal behavior and a warped sense of reality. Any doctor or psychologist who thinks that affirming anyone, especially a child, that they need to change their sex should take a long look in the mirror and remind themselves of the duty to first do no harm. If we are going to affirm something, let us affirm the ideal that we are all children of God, uniquely created by him to be with him. The reality is this life is short and cannot compare to the breadth of eternity.

Another great truth concerns the protection of the unborn. If you wonder why we have so much violence in our society, it all starts with allowing such violence in the womb. Why should we respect life outside the womb when we are accepting of destroying it from its very conception? If we stand for life, we will have a culture of life and life’s meaning, and it,s purpose will be at the forefront of our ideals.

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We have become complacent in accepting the truth. We let words like compassion and love be twisted to make us feel guilty about being accepting of different points of view. I make no apologies for denouncing the misuse of the language, for if this is compassion and love, then we are condemning ourselves and future generations from our true purpose to spend eternity with our Creator. Real compassion and love are concerned with this reality. True love seeks to will the good of others.

We have descended deep into sin, and we are lost. We are depriving future generations of truth. America, once again, is at a crossroads; a choice between accepting the firm foundations of our Judeo / Christian ideals and heritage or turning away from them. In the past, we have made the right choices, and I firmly believe we will once again make the right choices. So let us not be fooled by the lies of the devil, especially the lie that he does not exist. Just look around; his presence has never been so prevalent, and his purpose has never been so perverted. “Hell is empty, for all the demons are among us.”

God Bless.

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