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Central Bank Digital Currency -The Road to Serfdom

Idahoans are pretty independent, not only in mind but in survival as well. The strength of these characteristics varies depending on where they live, rural or urban. Regardless, no Idahoan can escape the train that is coming down the track towards them. There are many primary issues being dumped on Idaho that are being fought, but more are to come. Just as Idaho faces these threats so do other states. It is time to start expanding preparations as this train gets closer. 

By now everyone has probably heard about Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). If not, CBDC is just a digital form of currency but is different than cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. In March, 2022, the White House issued an Executive Order, Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets, which basically outlined how digital assets should be protected and advanced. Idaho passed HB 583 in 2022 which basically provided the same. CBCD is a digital asset.

Unlike cryptocurrency which has no central control, CBDC will be managed through a single, government controlled central bank, with all other financial institutions collapsing. It would also move all financial transactions to online, there would be no further need for cash. Threats associated with this are unprecedented. Loss of privacy, tracking of how money is spent, cyber risks, and the biggest, the ability of the government or other entity having control over how money is spent and shutting that flow of money off if behavior is deemed inappropriate. The Federal Reserve is playing around with the idea of digital currency being used instead of cash, having launched a pilot program with World Economic Forum (WEF) global banks, but big brother government may be making the decision for them. Credit card companies are drooling at the opportunity to enslave you to them as well.

Before this train hits, what can Idahoans do to really slow it in its tracks? Top of this list, don’t comply.

Catherine Austin Fitts is a former federal government official and investment banker. She has been following the CBDC narrative for some time and has some recommendations that each Idahoan can take to thwart, or at least make it more difficult to implement CBDC. For some it might be painful but not as painful if CBDC comes to pass.

Easy to do is dropping all online financial activity and start using cash, stop paying bills online, and start using checks. Even Amazon takes checks. In 2021 HB 256 attempted to add a section that would require a seller to accept cash as a form of payment, it did not pass. Maybe this should be brought to the legislature again because of the CBDC threat. Boycott businesses that refuse to take cash. Do not use QR codes and toss out surveillance systems in your home such as Alexa and security cameras. Change out your WiFi for hard-wired internet and remove the internet on your smart phone. 

Vaccine passports are a stepping stone to a digital identity which is needed for CBDC. Governor Little “banned” vaccine passports in Idaho but only for state services. While there is currently an Idaho bill that supports this, it does not ban vaccine passports for everything and, “This section does not apply to any requirement imposed by the federal government”. Contact your legislator for a bill that bans all vaccine passport requirements in the state, here is an example to get them started. Do not participate in biometric identification. Above all, do not comply.

Drop the huge global banks for a local financial institution like a local bank or credit union. In addition, boycott the big box stores and products by supporting local businesses, using cash.

Consider talking to your legislators about starting a state sovereign bank. The Bank of North Dakota is a good example, except it is entertaining the use of biometric identification. This keeps state money out of global financial institutions. Another topic for discussion is creating a state bullion depository.

Legalizing gold and silver tender in Idaho is another consideration as other states have done. What could be better than Idaho only investing in companies that manufacture in Idaho? With a state bank, credit to Idaho entrepreneurs would be more easily obtained. Rather than bringing in corporate monsters that suck our resources, doesn’t supporting Idahoans in business make more sense?

Building a network of bartering is an excellent way to exploit the expertise and skills of Idahoans. Networks of bartering could be easily set up in local communities. If not already doing so learn how to grow your own food, use it for bartering. In doing so, the need for Digital ID and CBDC lessens as Idahoans can meet their own needs through each other.

Australia is probably the leading country being oppressed by these agendas. How a Digital ID system might be started is explained here. Clearly it will start with those who are already tied to the government through benefits such as senior citizens, the disabled, and those on welfare assistance. Canada is under the same threat by its WEF global leader Justin Trudeau but Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is courageous enough to stand up and say no. Nigeria is an example of how force is being used to implement control with CBDC in spite of their refusal to comply.

In spite of this happening in other countries Idaho is just as much at risk. Waiting in the background is The Better Identity Coalition, which has created Digital ID blueprint policies for state government officials, so serfs can “take control” of our “identities and conduct their online business safely and securely”. Alert your legislators about this organization and it being nothing more than a front group for WEF corporations. Its full report can be found here, and using driver’s licenses as a target is one ploy for implementing Digital ID by this group.

While awaiting this monster to arrive, it is actually already here. Governments and corporations are already forcing online use for financial and other transactions. At some point there will be no other option.

Educate yourself, friends, family, and neighbors on CBDC. Enlist them to become part of the plan. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda that a digital currency is safer, more inclusive, equitable, convenient, or more efficient. Take the time to read information about this and understand it. “If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.”

There are more suggestions and resources to learn about in Fitts article, plus she has a video if you would like a pep talk to get started. Alex Newman explains how rapidly CBDC is spreading. Conspiracy theories abound, but CBDC is clearly a coordinated plan across the world, by governments and corporations.

Everyone should read the articles and watch the videos to learn more as CBDC is at the heart of the agenda to take final control over our lives. If Idahoans are vested in protecting Idaho and stopping the train, then we must do our part. It is time for everyone to take a step forward in doing something, even if it is just one item on this list. Above all, don’t comply.

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There will be no privacy and the government will be watching for specific transaction, especially when related to the first and second amendments.

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