The Big Question: How Will Our ‘A’ Team Vote On TPP?

Will Senators Risch and Crapo and Congressmen Labrador and Simpson vote to retain America’s sovereignty and independent negotiating strengths or will we be surrendered to the demands of globalists. That is the question in the life or death vote for our Republic’s future awaiting their decisions on the looming Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) vote.

Real FREE TRADE is as it should be, FREE. These masked agreements are chock full of restricting and illegal regulations that, like our experience with NAFTA, are ruinous to our interests, freedom and sovereignty and are forecast to be countless times worse than NAFTA in scope and affect.

What do these issues have to do with free trade? Climate change • sustainable development• internet regulation • homeland security • the military • labor • patent and copyright including intellectual property rights • land use • food •agriculture and product standards • natural resources • the environment • professional licensing • competition • state-owned enterprises• government procurement policies as well as financial policies • healthcare • energy • e-commerce • telecommunications and other service sector regulations. And what do international courts have to do with trade? Nothing, but it is all part of the pending Free Trade Agenda’s as per the 151 house democrats’ letter to Obama back in November 2013 opposing fast track, the secrecy, and all these un-related issues that should not be included in these negotiations. See: 10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose TPP and TTIP

Maybe the big question should be will they take the money? “The average Republican member received $19,673.28 from corporate TPP supporters” reported The Guardian for their votes to ‘fast track’ last May. Risch, Crapo and Simpson voted Yay. Labrador Nay.

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