In Memorial to LaVoy Finicum, ‘A Real American’

I cherish several great pictures of LaVoy. My favorite is LaVoy sitting astride his horse with his flag stretched out in the wind above the Bundy Ranch standoff.

While both sides had their rifles aimed at each other, there was LaVoy, a lone cowboy with his hat off, head bowed. LaVoy gave America an alternative, a silent, powerful visual to all who looked up. At the time I did not know who that man on the skyline was.

Now I know LaVoy Finicum was the Rosa Parks of the West. Rosa had her bus. LaVoy had his horse and his flag.

We need to take back that rhetoric the press is now stealing from us. I would like to see a flag made of LaVoy and his horse, and his flag. That flag would speak volumes and his family could use the rewards it would bring to them.

We who love America need to change the press rhetoric back to the cowboy compass of LaVoy and his peaceful resistance to the tyranny of regulatory government. On the 26th of every month, there should be peaceful marches in every county in the West. We, the real Americans need to peacefully resist tyranny as Rosa Parks did in the 1950’s.

Today’s men and women know that if we do not own our own land, then we have no place from which to protect our families, our freedom of conscience, and our possessions we have worked so hard for. LaVoy’s family and religious values are not foreign values! Natural marriage, pride in family, hard work, and private property are the cornerstones of the heartland of America. America’s Christian heritage is what LaVoy stood for. Sadly, it is what he died for. The Great Evil embedded in our nation today simply could not abide having a peace honoring, reasonable man become the icon of a grassroots liberty movement. They are the very values that Christian pilgrims used as the foundation of our country.

For those of us who followed the ambush of LaVoy Finicum, Shawna Cox’s detailed recording of his assassination appeared spontaneous and authentic. According to Shawna’s account, she and Victoria did a last minute ride switch. That unexpected change appears to have altered the outcome of LaVoy’s ambush/shootout… there were live witnesses to LaVoy’s murder! One such person was Shawna Cox. Her chilling account of LaVoy’s brutal assassination was broadcast live, before gag orders were enforced. That first eye witness account is in stark contrast to the National Media feeds.

January 26th, 2016, the date of LaVoy’s murder, was also the 7 month anniversary of America’s legislation of the sodomization of marriage. Let us beg God to hold back His judgement on a nation that is legitimizing these two powerful evils… sodomy of the family unit and the killing of innocents…

America won’t forget January 26th, 2016 for many reasons. America won’t forget the powerful visual of LaVoy’s horse, and our American flag. We won’t forget the power of a real man standing in defense of the land, his family, and his neighbors that we Americans all love. Our forests, farms and ranch lands are not just deeds and contracts. Those pieces of paper organically represent the independent livelihoods and memories of millions of familial and neighborhood generations. Americans understand this truth.


Never underestimate the power of a single voice raised above the confusion of the masses. Our inalienable right to peacefully assemble and resist evil gives us individual as well as collective power to live with integrity as well as strength. The first amendment to our Constitution enables us to first defend liberty with reasoned discourse. When the pen and guns of a tyrant prevails only then out of duty must we resist with self-defense. American Patriots, this is not a time to remain silent!

Too few realize the responsibility embodied within the 1st Amendment. The right to self-defense, the right of life itself is ultimately protected by the active use of discourse within that 1st Amendment. LaVoy could have used a gun to defend his life. But by his great hope for peaceful resolution, he chose instead, bullets of speech as his defense. LaVoy did not lose that battle. He gave the victory to us, if we use it.

If any of you may be confused as to who those enemies of free speech may be, you need only to look at that week’s black clad oath breakers armed to the teeth against a solitary man with his arms in the air. Every single person in the deployment of LaVoy’s ambush is a coward. Just one man’s warning could have saved LaVoy’s life. FBI, ATF, shame, shame on all of your heads!

We, the real American people are not property owned by governmental regulations and entities. We are human beings who ultimately answer to ourselves and Our Creator. Silencing LaVoy’s voice of peace and sound reason, blowing up wood stoves while a man rests peacefully beside it…. These things will not break us. This is OUR America. Real men and women don’t describe themselves by some racial or ethnic slur, but rather by dedication to God, the truths of the Good Book, and be forewarned, none of us believe in peace at the price of freedom.

Let us then take up the cause of honest jury rights, one American county after another. As a FEARLESS and righteous people, let us swiftly punish our national and local oath breakers one coward at a time. Let the whole people relearn and reteach Due Process, so we may effectively bind down evil with the chains of our constitution.

Brothers and Sisters of America…..This is our great battle, our finest test of peaceful resolve. The paper of our Constitution and the bones of fellow patriots are mere dust unless we exercise the eternal truths of our God given constitutional rights.

No new leader will save us. No regulatory agency will clean up our planet or bring Americans peace and prosperity. We ordinary men and women must do the hard work – first within ourselves and our own families, then in our counties, and lastly in our states and our nation.

Look back to your roots, at your own little family and town. Look back to our Creator who gave the original patriots the wisdom to write our constitution. We can only pray for mercy upon this nation and the hope that Americans awake before it is too late.

Blessings and peace to all, and God Bless LaVoy Finicum, a real American.

Rachael Johnson,
Grandmother, farmer and proud American patriot
St. Maries, Idaho

Gem State Patriot News