What Will Really Happen in a Constitutional Convention?

In this beyond highly politicized world today, who in their right mind would believe convention delegates would send the results to state legislators for endless debate and legal challenges lasting months or maybe years for such ratification? Or would you believe they would select like-minded delegates for ‘safe’ special ratifying conventions with hand-picked members, all with special interest baggage, who will do the convention’s bidding? Legislatures won’t have a chance. Ratifying conventions are the stacked deck these slick designers are counting on.

Our sage founders knew tyranny first hand and were realist of their day. They knew there was no way the 13 states would agree on ratifying our Constitution in their legislatures, so they created Article V allowing them to hold 9 ratifying conventions and that is how we were so blessed to get the wonderful document and capitalist system we got that produced the most successful nation in the history of earth. Can you identify members of Congress that you believe to be as wise and grounded in our Constitution today, without any special interest baggage? I rest my case. Probably none. Maybe the closest intensive comparisons by serious qualified people might come up with a handful or two contingent on some stated criteria.

Why does anyone believe that new amendments will be followed any more than current law? The Con-Con is a ruse to open the door for special interests to have their way utterly. We are being targeted.

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