Terrorists are here – We Must Be Vigilant and Prepared

I don’t think that most Americans understand that we have been at war with radical Islam since 9/11. They have brought this war to us with their terrorist’s cells which proliferate our towns and cities, but are unknown sleepers ready to strike at a moments’ notice. We have to start acting more like the Israelis in the way we observe those around us in our communities before we have more terrorist’s attacks taking place like the one in Orlando. We not only need our citizens to observe, but to report to the authorities any suspicious activities. Our law officers need the ability to stop being politically correct and start profiling which has worked so well for Israelis.

People need to be prepared to react properly when a situation develops that endangers the lives of those around us, and the authorities are not available to come to our aid. The police cannot be everywhere all the time in all places, and it takes time for them to react and arrive at the scene of a crime. Citizens need to be able to make rational decisions when confronted by a deadly situation, and this means that we need more citizens who are armed with concealed weapons who are capable of using them effectively.

Our president and the liberal judiciary wants to disarm us by placing more restrictions on guns and who can carry them. This type of rhetoric only emboldens our enemies since they don’t play by the rules and will find a way to acquire firearms illegally with the sole purpose of shooting innocent citizens. Americans need the ability to defend themselves from what is an imminent danger from unknown terrorists. We need to become responsible for our own safety and be prepared to defend ourselves at all times.

We can no longer depend on our government to solve this problem, and it is going to get worse as we have no idea how many terrorists have illegally entered our country through our southern border or as refugees and exist as sleepers like the Orlando shooter. We are fortunate here in Idaho that we have the gun laws that allow open and concealed carry because that is a deterrent to the bad guys looking at us as lemmings for their terrorist activities. The only solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Let’s all be more vigilant in how we go about our lives and make sure we keep a keen eye out so that we can protect each other. It is time to be our brother’s keeper.

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