The Blame Game and another Wake-up Call

Everyone wants to blame someone for the Orlando shooting, take your pick.

Ask yourself why did this radical Islamist attack this gay club? The most logical answer is that it was a soft target that we know he had frequented and was probably staking out. He hit it at closing time when most of the occupants were drunk, tired and vulnerable with one exit. This attack is no more than the continuation of the ISIS Jihad on the Christian world. We are in a war that has been declared by the radical Islamists. Every Muslim who is aware of the history of Islam, knows that the holy war against infidels is an integral part of Islam. This is another wake-up call and we had better get serious about this problem and start looking at ways to curtail these attacks. The longer we refuse to acknowledge that we are under attack by this radical faction the more difficult it will be to defeat them.

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Even well-respected Muslims have begun to agree with Trump and come out in favor of using more caution in allowing refugees to enter our country without having a procedure to fully vet them. It is the Liberal left that keeps using their agenda to get our guns and does not want to acknowledge that we are at war and that the enemy has already infiltrated our towns and cities. We have a President who wants to allow 200,000 Muslim refugees to enter our country this year and is doing everything in his power to make this happen. When will somebody finally stand up and say “No More”?

Trump is the only one who has said loud and clear that we need to stop this inflow of radical Muslims if we want to protect Americans. He wants to make America great, but also safe. The only way to deter the ones already here is to let them know that we are armed and not afraid to protect ourselves. We also need to get more security on our soft targets like our schools and report suspicious activities to the proper authorities. Federal officials don’t seem to care much about what the people want so maybe it’s time for us to shake up our state officials and tell them to stop the influx of these refugees until they can be properly vetted. If you want to get this point across, call the Governor’s office and let him know how your feel about the refugees being resettled in Idaho at 208-334-2100.

The preceding were Tea Party Bob’s comments on this morning’s Kevin Miller show on 580 KIDO.

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