Americans in Imminent Danger from Terrorist Attacks

While the politically correct politicians once again pontificate about the gun control no one is talking about how to profile and vet refugees who are entering our country. This shooter was an American citizen whose parents are from Afghanistan. He was a security guard with an enhanced firearms license. This man was under investigation by federal authorities in 2013 and 2014, but evidently they did not consider him a threat.

Herein lies the problem with our elected officials who blame the guns for the crime and not the people who do the shooting. It is because of their political correctness that we do not properly screen and investigate potential terrorists who have integrated themselves into our population. One has to ask the question what would have been the outcome if four or five patrons of the club were carrying concealed weapons? Could they have saved many of those who lost their lives by shooting back at this terrorist?

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We talked last week about how the Ninth Circuit Court has ruled that we don’t have a right to carry concealed weapons, yet how many of them would feel that way if members of their family were in that club in Orlando and were saved by other patrons carrying concealed weapons. The politically correct judiciary decides to take our second amendment rights away with their interpretation of the constitution and leaves us defenseless while they allow illegal aliens who have perpetrated violent crimes run lose in our towns and cities. They want us to believe that our police are capable of protecting all of our citizens at all times.

Our politically correct politicians want to bring in 200,000 more refugees who we know for a fact that our FBI has said cannot be properly vetted. The politicians and judges remain safe in their guarded offices and homes while they curtail our second amendment rights and limit what kind of guns we can own and how many rounds of ammo can fit in a magazine. It’s high time for them to recognize that Americans are in imminent danger from terrorists and need to have the ability to defend themselves at all times and in all places. If they don’t give us our constitutional rights, they need to be voted out of office.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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