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TeaPartyBob: Why Idaho is turning left

Comments by TeaPartyBob on this morning’s Kevin Miller Show 580KIDOam, 107.5fm

Good morning, Kevin: Sorry to say, I totally disagree with you and John on letting this election go without a full and complete forensic investigation into voter fraud. Without an investigation, it sends a message to the opposition that we don’t care and it is ok to do it again. It’s like the scene from Animal House where the pledges are lined up at the fraternity house getting whacked on their backsides with a paddle and saying, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

John is entitled to his opinion as is Amy, that’s called freedom of speech, but their conversations this morning sounded as if they would like another whack with the paddle. John and Amy need to take a course in American history and find out how this country won its independence. It is the attitudes of people like them that have allowed the deep state to stay in power. All I can say to them is come back in 4 years and tell us how much better off you are with the democrats in control.

If you want to know why Idaho is turning to the left, the answer is we have too many people who call themselves conservative but vote like liberals. This is what happened to Seattle, Portland, and many other cities over the past 10 years. It is called liberal creep, and Idaho is not immune as we have found out with the changes that have taken place in our capital city.

We now have a governor who endorses climate change and calls Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day”. He declared a state of emergency, but he never bothered to tell the people that Idaho did not even fit the definition of a moderate pandemic as described in the 2019 Office of Emergency Management Emergency Operations Plan. The definition of a moderate pandemic requires a 25% attack rate that’s 432,680 cases and 1.5% mortality rate or 6,490 deaths. Idaho has 161,720 cases or 37% of the requirement and 1,721 deaths or 26% of the OEM’s requirement. The Governor knew this as did the IDHW, the health districts, and at least 16 participating Idaho agencies. Covid cases are on the decline and hospitals are not overwhelmed and never have been.

How can we trust our Governor or any of the agencies involved in this deception? They lied and should be held legally responsible for any losses incurred from their emergency orders. I don’t see how Idahoans can trust anything this administration tells us. Idaho has received over 8.1 billion dollars in aid from the federal government and most of it is being distributed by the Governor and his minions.

When are we going to see an accounting of where these funds are being spent as they are more than our state budget? According to the Emergency Operations plan, there is no pandemic in our state, and there never has been one. We need to be calling and emailing our representatives to stop this emergency because you can bet that St. Luke’s and other medical facilities are trying to enlist the help of major corporations, who are the cornerstone of much of the campaign money garnered by our representatives every election year.

St. Luke’s is asking them to call our legislators to keep this (non)emergency in effect. There is no danger in canceling this emergency; there is only danger that the governor will not get more FEMA money we don’t need with federal strings attached so he can continue to distribute these funds to his cronies. He says we need more money for vaccine distribution but what did he do with the 51 million he has already received for that purpose?

By the way, I have confirmed that a major hospital in Boise has been distributing vaccines to employees who do not even work in the hospital up to 3 weeks ago.

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