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TeaPartyBob: Helping Support the families of the National Guardsmen who died

Comments by TeaPartyBob on this morning’s Kevin Miller Show on KIDO Talk Radio – 107.5 FM & 580 AM

Good morning Kevin: I want to thank you for the time you took on yesterday’s program to talk about the 3 National Guardsmen who perished in the helicopter crash. Your comments have inspired the staff of the Gem State Patriot to offer our website as an opportunity for anyone who would like to help the families of those men financially. From today until the end of the month, any donations made on our site will be given to the families of those three brave men who lost their lives in the service of their country.

While we all pray for these men and their families we should understand how important it is that we realize the loss of the breadwinner in a family can be financially devastating. We would like to offer our help to try and ease that financial burden. So if anyone is interested in helping these families please donate whatever you can.

My comment to Amy is to let her know that my nephew at 17 started using marijuana which led to him getting into harder drugs and living the life of an addict. He died at the age of 46. While I’m not against its proven use for medicinal purposes, I worry that when you open the door even a little you will not be able to close it again. It’s like Medicaid Expansion, once you have people on it, the numbers grow to the point that there is no way to take it away.

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You have to give the medical establishment credit if they don’t like what is being said about them, they just change whatever it is to make it more palatable for public consumption. We exposed the emergency pandemic response plan that no one wanted to admit existed, which by its assumptions told us we were not even close to a pandemic state. Well, folks, it seems that we are now being told they were only assumptions in that plan, and now that we have real numbers for a pandemic they are going to look at revising the plan.

So now the IDHW will redo the emergency plan to fit their needs according to the statistics they have from this pandemic. The only problem is can we even trust the numbers that they will use as it seems every week we find numbers that don’t match the actual events taking place in our state.

I also find it amazing that politicians can tell us how bad things are and we need more federal aid, then do an about-face and in the same breath take us to a stage three pandemic stage. Unfortunately, most of the people are still so afraid of this virus that they listen with bated breath and hang on every word spoken by our Governor and health officials. Where is the outrage from the public that we hear complaints from people who are in their 80’s with comorbid conditions and still haven’t gotten the vaccine yet we have hospital employees and board members who don’t even work in the hospitals and are not at risk receiving the vaccine weeks ago?

Kevin, there is something seriously wrong with what is happening in this state and it begins with corruption in government.

A week ago I warned that this vaccine has not been thoroughly tested and now we are finding the latest CDC report telling us there have been 323 deaths (248 in the U.S.) and 9500 other injuries caused by the vaccine. When you allow someone to put a foreign substance into your body, you take a chance on your body having a bad reaction to that substance. What’s that old saying, beware of Greeks bearing gifts… it should be beware of Big Pharma’s untested products!

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