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The Next Pandemic

Just like Event 201, the corona virus exercise held two months prior to the corona virus pandemic, another exercise held October 23, 2022, again sponsored by Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins, was held in Brussels, Belgium, called the “Catastrophic Contagion”. This exercise is the fifth in creating a ruthless plan to bring fear and tyranny […]

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We are not in a Pandemic

Reprinted with permission of the Idaho Freedom Foundation I feel like I have been under house arrest for the past 10 months, and for what? The fact is (and this isn’t just John Livingston’s opinion) we are not in a pandemic. Who else agrees with me? Why, the state of Idaho does. In the state’s Emergency […]

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TeaPartyBob: Why Idaho is turning left

Comments by TeaPartyBob on this morning’s Kevin Miller Show 580KIDOam, 107.5fm Good morning, Kevin: Sorry to say, I totally disagree with you and John on letting this election go without a full and complete forensic investigation into voter fraud. Without an investigation, it sends a message to the opposition that we don’t care and it […]

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