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Property Tax Relief? Not really

Idaho’s Uni-Party of Legislators screws Idaho property owners again. The headline reads: Property owners once again get screwed on their property taxes. Idaho’s legislature overrode Governor Littles’s veto on property taxes relief. “hip hip hooray”, don’t cheer until you realize that this 13% cut will be insignificant for the majority of Idaho’s property owners. The […]

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Idahoans Are Getting Screwed on Property Tax Relief

Idahoans have been suffering from increases in property tax, especially over the last few years. The cost of people moving here from out of state, and the impact that has on our city infrastructures has only added to this burden. There are two bills currently being held in committees that would help ease the burden […]

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Render Unto Caesar, Don’t Tax our Wealth

Senator Phil Graham is the Former Chairman of the US Senate Banking Committee. Prior to going into politics he was an economics professor at Texas A&M. I follow his writings in various news outlets including the Wall Street Journal. Yesterday he wrote about the story that broke last week in ProPublica about billionaires in our […]


The Death of the American Dream

The problem & the solution to the American Nightmare The American Dream for most is a home, a steady job, maybe a couple of kids, and even a dog. Owing our own land is a joy coveted by nearly everyone since time began. Land and a home we call our own have been at the […]

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Weighing in on the Grocery Tax and State of the State

Let me try to clarify what the governor said in his state of the state message because, like all politicians, he gives us a lot of double talk that needs to be translated into common English. The Grocery Tax from our conservative Representative Priscilla Giddings: During the 2019 Legislative session, based on the Wayfair decision, […]

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