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Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Budget Growing Like a Cancer

We should all thank Audrey Dutton for her extensive reporting on the Idaho Health Data Exchange as it continues to prove to us the incompetency of Idaho’s Health and Welfare Department. We have been calling for an audit of this Bureaucratic behemoth for several years, but it appears that no one in the political arena […]

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A Common Sense Approach to the March 14th School Levy

It is amazing to us that we are considering a $25 million dollar levy for the Coeur d’Alene School District in a vacuum with no context of what has transpired over the last three years. We are nearing the anniversary of the Covid-19 panic and in hindsight one of the worst mistakes made by leaders […]

John Livingston

Modern Day Lafayettes

I would like to offer a “tip of the hat” to my friends at The Idaho Freedom Foundation. In an article published two days ago, the authors Fred Birnbaum, Ronald Nate PhD., and Niklas Kleinworth outline in a policy paper entitled MEDCAID IN IDAHO: A POLICY PRIMER the predicate, the unfulfilled promise, the financial house […]


How Efficient is Government Spending?

How efficient is government spending? Understandably, this question could lead to many discussions. To begin with, government spending can be in multiple forms: first, direct expenditure, such as the government actively funding a project or activity; second, incentives or subsidies, used to encourage certain activities; and finally, the prescribing of laws to outlaw something in […]

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