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Stop Killing the Unborn

While the Liberal Media is going nuts over the leaked information that the supreme court will overturn Roe vs Wade Conservatives can revel in the fact that the decision to abort a child will now rest with the states where it belonged in the first place. A terrible mistake that was made in 1973 will […]

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Biden-Harris Administration Wage Jihad on Preborn Babies

Special Report to the Gem State Patriot As of this writing, Mr. Biden has occupied the Oval Office for something like ten days. And already it is crystal clear that this Administration bears a furious hostility toward preborn babies and the pro-Life movement. Even before he assumed office, Mr. Biden’s Inaugural Committee helped raise money […]


Planned Parenthood is the Heart of the Democrat Party

If socialism has overtaken the head of the modern Democratic Party, then Planned Parenthood is its heart. We saw that emotional commitment to darkness when every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted to protect infanticide just last week. But this week brought news that the passion for Planned Parenthood’s death agenda runs through every artery […]

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