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Stop Killing the Unborn

While the Liberal Media is going nuts over the leaked information that the supreme court will overturn Roe vs Wade Conservatives can revel in the fact that the decision to abort a child will now rest with the states where it belonged in the first place. A terrible mistake that was made in 1973 will finally be rectified. When I listen to Chuck Schumer talk about the court’s decision being an abomination I have to think about what an abomination it was that 62 million lives were terminated because of a decision made by 7 appointed Supreme Court justices.

Unfortunately this is not a total ban of abortion by any means but it is the beginning of curbing at will abortions at any time during a pregnancy. We used to be a nation that pledged One Nation Under God but that has long gone by the wayside as God has slowly but surely been taken out of our lives and our schools by the liberal demagogues in our government. We have a President and a Speaker of the House who claim to be practicing Catholic’s, a religion that teaches that abortion is a sin, yet they have both vehemently come out publicly in favor of a women’s right to kill a child and have said they will do everything in their power to stop this ruling. The left along with Planned Parenthood have spread their propaganda far and wide for the past 49 years that abortion has been legal giving every women the right to terminate the life of their unborn child. As my wife always says “What would Jesus Say”. I think Jesus would say that those who took a life will be made to atone for that sin on judgement day.

While abortion will still be alive and well with the use of contraceptive drugs and will be available in liberal states it will at least cut down on the numbers that are killed each year. This is a partial victory for those who have been fighting to reverse the Roe v Wade decision for 5 decades. With the exception of rape the solutions to avoid an abortion have always been made available through contraception which is available to just about any women who wants it. I think it is nothing more than laziness, permissiveness, promiscuity and a loss of our moral and ethical values that have been responsible for the massacre of 62 million human lives. This ruling is not taking any rights away from women on what they can do with their bodies what it is doing in taking away their right to kill another human being without legal consequences.

Maybe this will bring about a final segregation of Red and Blue states as liberals will find abortions easier to obtain in the blue states. I would expect a lot of battles to take place both in the courts and legislatures as Roe vs Wade is rescinded and the killing is finally slowed down. You can also expect lots of unruly protest in the streets as this comes to fruition. What worries me most and is what Congressman Fulcher said on the Kevin Miller show this past week. The Democrats are still in control of the house and you can bet that they will try to legislate a new law before the general election in November. Although he doubts they have the votes to pass it into law. At least with this ruling we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. In the end God will be the final judge of those that have taken the life of an innocent unborn child. We should all remember Romans 12:19

“Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.

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