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Biden-Harris Administration Wage Jihad on Preborn Babies

Special Report to the Gem State Patriot

As of this writing, Mr. Biden has occupied the Oval Office for something like ten days. And already it is crystal clear that this Administration bears a furious hostility toward preborn babies and the pro-Life movement.

Even before he assumed office, Mr. Biden’s Inaugural Committee helped raise money for Planned Parenthood. Donors to his virtual party were automatically shared with the nation’s largest abortion provider. Since then, Biden has ordered the Department of Health & Human Services to “review” the rules which restrict Title X dollars earmarked for “family planning services” from being used to pay for abortions, or otherwise subsidize the Abortion Industry. That rule, finally enforced by President Donald Trump, prohibited these groups from treating abortion as a legitimate method of “birth control”.

The fact that Planned Parenthood lost some $60 million each year in taxpayer subsidies under Trump proves beyond any doubt that they have been receiving illegal payments for decades. But no matter. Biden intends to restore those funds in direct violation of federal law.

Mr. Biden also announced that he was using his authority to restore taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood International. This forces you and me to pay for the killing of innocent children all across the globe. While this particular issue (called the “Mexico City” policy) has gone back and forth as parties change control of the White House – it can no longer be easily dismissed. I just ran across data, which I’ve never seen before, estimating that 42.7 million babies were killed by abortion worldwide – just last year! This is a staggering statistic that only God can really comprehend; but to put it in context, it is nearly twice the entire body count of the bloodiest conflict in human history (WWII). Under Biden’s leadership, that figure will grossly accelerate.

As bad as Biden’s beginning has been, I believe it will get worse. Much worse.

There is a rabid spirit which animates this Administration, particularly in the area of their social agenda. This gang seems fixed on the idea that they will finally end the culture wars, through brute force and the power of the police state. Resistance will be restricted because social media tyrants will forbid conservatives from even communicating with one another.

During her failed campaign for the presidency, Ms. Harris argued that it was time for Congress to shut down the national debate on abortion. She believes that states like Idaho should no longer be allowed to develop and enact legislation which might impede a woman’s “right” to kill her own child. Her idea was that Idaho would first have to get permission from Congress before it could even debate a pro-Life bill. At the time, this idea seemed so preposterous that it generated little attention or discussion.

But we dismiss such outrageous notions at our own peril. Who could have credibly predicted the crumbling of the Bill of Rights over just the past six months?

And, in fact, news reports have surfaced that legislation is being developed by Democrats in Congress to finish the job of nationalizing the abortion debate. They are looking at the Voting Rights Act as a model for imposing their will on the entire nation. The argument is that voting rights endowed by the Constitution were being regularly violated in some locales until Congress stepped in to override local laws and practices – complete with a task force of lawyers from the Department of Justice and FBI.

By their lights, abortion rights should be afforded the same level of federal intervention. That is one scary proposition, my friends. It could lead to a day in which it is a civil rights crime to publicly advocate for the rights of preborn children – because it will be cast as an assault on a “woman’s right to choose”, as sacred as the right to vote.

Admittedly, that is a dark picture. One I pray does not come to pass. But that is clearly their agenda. Without Trump in a position of power, we will have to rely on the Supreme Court and national Republicans in Congress to thwart the most vicious assault on preborn babies in history.

We must resolve to meet this unprecedented threat with prayer and courage. Those vulnerable lives need us now more than ever.

Lord deliver us from evil.

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