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The Next Pandemic

Just like Event 201, the corona virus exercise held two months prior to the corona virus pandemic, another exercise held October 23, 2022, again sponsored by Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins, was held in Brussels, Belgium, called the “Catastrophic Contagion”. This exercise is the fifth in creating a ruthless plan to bring fear and tyranny upon the world with the threat of disease. Labeled Event 201 2.0, caution should be applied that this foretells what is going to be done next to the world.

So successful was the strategic move to take over the world with masks, lock downs, economic shutdowns, and mandatory injections, one can only assume each contagion thrown at the world will become even more threatening with more tyrannical dictates. This new disease is called Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome (SEERS) 2025. Perhaps the world will be given a break for another year or two.

In planning the next disease catastrophe, the same traitors to the world have picked an enterovirus that in certain cases can be particularly more lethal, with the potential for causing a wide variety of illness, a perfect set-up for more vaccines. One already being tracked, Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), can be especially devastating for children causing flaccid myelitis. How coincidental is that? To make the picture more confusing there are over 300 enterovirus serotypes, EV-D68 is just one.

From a video on the website, several curious points are raised. Regional solidarity, and communication from scientists, social, religious and political leaders will be needed for this new pandemic. Tom Frieden, associated with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and New York Mayor Bloomberg, and a fine upstanding citizen who should be trusted, brought up the issue of broken “trust” between populations, health care systems, and the government. One could speculate this will prompt an even greater propaganda machine than was done for Covid-19.

From this exercise, based on the Covid-19 pandemic results, the question arose, “If future pandemics have a much higher lethality than COVID-19, or for example, if they affect predominantly children, would or should countries take different, stronger, earlier measures to contain it, and what are those measures?” Three factors on this are more lethality, greater effect on children, and stronger measures for containment. Translated does this mean more fear mongering and dictatorial measures to get society to respond appropriately?

As the predictions from Event 201 came to fruition, there is little reason to not think that this exercise is the foretelling of what is to come with the next planned pandemic. The World Economic Forum has already created the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to profit from every pandemic they promote.

The world has once again been warned of what is to come.

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