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Raul Labrador: Finally, an Attorney General we can Trust

Those who had an opportunity to listen to our new Attorney General Raul Labrador this past week either in person or on Idaho Freedom TV should have been impressed with the speech he made on Capital Clarity. You can hear his speech here: It has been 20 years since the people of Idaho have had […]

John Livingston

Fight or Flight

There is a big hole in the hearts of Idaho Constitutional Conservatives four weeks before the Idaho Republican Primary Election. The emptiness and sense of despair in a State that that voted in 2020 for Donald Trump (63.6%) for conservatives who see candidates running Statewide with large margins like Governor Little in a recent poll […]

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Nobody is going to tell Brad Little what to do

(Especially not our Legislature) I have been talking about this on the Kevin Miller Show for two months and finally, someone woke up and did something to effect the possibility of a real link between the value of your home to the property tax exemption. Is Tax Relief in sight for this session? Hard to […]


The Theft of a Nation

While we worry about making a living and how our children are being educated we are taking our eyes off the real problem as our country is being changed into something it was never meant to be. Trump is the first president I can remember who has actually kept all of the campaign promises he […]

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