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Fight or Flight

There is a big hole in the hearts of Idaho Constitutional Conservatives four weeks before the Idaho Republican Primary Election. The emptiness and sense of despair in a State that that voted in 2020 for Donald Trump (63.6%) for conservatives who see candidates running Statewide with large margins like Governor Little in a recent poll receiving 58% of the vote of Republicans it is demoralizing. He won the primary in 2020 with 38% of the vote, and only Raul Labrador running for Attorney General having a large lead over incumbent AG Wasden’s giving conservatives hope. Priscilla Giddings running for Lt. governor is still “in the hunt” and I support her 100%, but I am confounded by her strategy of not debating her opponent just as I am flabbergasted why Janice McGeachin has refused numerous times to debate her opponents. Idaho Republicans are going to go to the polls in May hearing only from candidates in the AG’s primary election. If one is running way ahead in the polls or way behind, We the People should have a chance to hear those asking for our votes. To not stand before the citizens is either an act of cowardice or an act of hubris—in my most humble opinion.

I want to center my thoughts around two ideas. Process vs principle and individual sovereignty (rights) and responsibilities. Everyday Idahoans understand that a political philosophy based on Biblical and Natural Law Principles should be the platform upon which legislative and executive decisions are to be considered. But process is also important, and this is where the Little- Bedke wing of the party wins every time. Principle (political philosophy) should define a strategic goal, tactics are all about process that over time—sometimes years, will help us to meet that goal. Trying to take big bites out of the apple every legislative session has proven to be frustrating to Idaho conservative law makers and the families they represent. The Liberal—Little—Romney—Bush—Kasich (LLRBK) wing of our party—also known as RINOs because their snouts keep growing every time the tell us they are conservatives, wins despite our being a Trump State. The Little-Romney wing of the party understands logistics and communications. They proceed to the field only after they have secured their positions with the press and special interests—who are the ones really calling the plays. Conservatives are always the “away team”, playing on the opposing team’s field with the opposing team’s referees. They even get to choose who calls the game (Betsy Russell and Melisa Davilin). We are and have been for a long time always playing “defense” which means we are always against the other team’s agenda instead of being for our own. We are always reacting to them instead of making them react to us.

So here is how we change the flow of the game. We proceed like Governor Younkin and Summer Seers did in Virginia. We tell citizens that no matter the issue—think specifically health care and education, that different from any place in the world the people are the source of political power in our country and State. The people transfer a very small portion of their power and responsibility to government. Because we are the source of political power, we can take back political power and the responsivity that has been transferred can be taken back quickly—just like parents led by a Muslim mother in Virginia took back the educational curriculum and administration in the State of Virginia. WE can do that in Idaho if we have leaders that are willing to give the people back their liberties and responsibilities. The same goes with what happen with Covid mitigation strategy in Idaho. Look how mitigation was handled by Republican Governors in Florida, Texas, and South Dakota. People made decisions based on the best interests of their families, not “experts” in government telling WE THE PEOPLE what was the best course of action. The overriding principles that define the positions that Conservatives should make is that rights and responsibilities belong to us and not to special interest lobbyists and corporate mercantilist companies and non-profits. Look at how government failed during the pandemic both on the medical and education side.

Back to the game. Our candidates are the “away team”. We don’t have the home field advantage and like all upstarts we must beat our opponents on their own “home field” with their own officials and announcing crews. For Janice and Priscilla to refuse to debate and go into the lion’s den to make their case they not only failed their own campaigns, but they failed the people who deserve to hear from those who are asking for their vote.

As a political candidate opens their soul to the voters, they can choose the weapons of engagement. Their personalities and demeanor, their political courage and political prudence, there sense of the issues and facts, and most of all their hearts. When you are the underdog, you don’t get to choose the field, you will play on, but you do get to choose to play the game or not.

You may win or lose the game, but at least choose to fight even—and especially when the odds are against you.

I am so sad that our candidates chose not to fight—even Mr. Little. Is there anyone willing to play hardball left in Idaho?

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Great analysis. If you read Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals, rule #13 is to isolate, identify and attack. The left, liberals and RINOs are playing that tactic to precision. Working to identify Janice and Priscilla as the outlier radicals. The NRA, PBS, NPR, AARP and media are the “adults” in the room when in fact they are the cheerleaders of the statists.
Praying for upsets.

Janice and Priscilla realize that these debates are set up by the liberal media, and the questions are designed to favor the liberal candidates.
Janice and Priscilla are willing to debate as long as the format is fair, but are wise in their decision to not allow themselves to face a “firing squad” of liberal partisan journalists. I totally disagree with Dr. Livingston concerning this issue of debate.

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