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When a Constitutional Sheriff becomes Judge and Jury

Nefarious politics at work in Idaho I don’t usually read much in the liberal media papers, but this article in the Post Register on Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich caught my eye for the simple reason that I have been a victim of this type of retribution by the fake media when I was a key figure […]


Exposing the Truth about Idaho’s Morally Bankrupt Legislative Leadership

— Reprinted with permission from Redoubt News — For over a month Speaker Bedke and other members of leadership have been railing on Rep. Heather Scott for remarks she made to Judy Boyle on December 1st. 2016. These remarks had to do with her frustration at Rep. Christy Perry receiving a committee chairmanship after scandalous headlines about […]

Gem State Patriot TV

Gem State Patriot TV, Episode #6

Rep. Judy Boyle of the 9th. District discusses gun bills and 2nd Amendment rights

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