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The Manipulation of America

Social Media Platforms & Google are turning us into a Banana Republic Wikipedia describes Manipulation (psychology) as the action of manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way Crowd manipulation — the use of crowd psychology to direct the behavior of a crowd toward a specific action Internet manipulation — the co-opting of digital technology […]

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Legislature Moves Forward with The Great Reset

Senate bill 1159 was signed by Governor Little on March 30, 2023.  This bill appropriates $100 million to expand broadband access and infrastructure throughout rural Idaho that will provide internet access for Idaho citizens.  With Senate Bill 1129 it brings the total to $225 million for broadband infrastructure. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Everyone will be able to get on […]


Citizens Of Idaho, Just Say NO!

As technology continues to advance society forward with better smartphones, smart appliances, and cars that can drive themselves, satellite broadband internet is one of those technologies raising more questions. This is the case in Bonner County where citizens have raised objections to the placement of what is called “satellite broadband” that is designed to provide […]

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