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You’re funding Idaho’s bloated DEI bureaucracy

Republished article with permission of the Idaho Freedom Foundation A recent Idaho Freedom Foundation report revealed that Idaho’s public university system is spending nearly $6 million on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) administrators. A previous estimate in February 2022, found that spending on DEI administrators across Idaho’s higher education system was around $2.2 million. In two […]


Senator Brian Lenney Announces Bill to Disband DEI Bureaucracies in Idaho Public Higher Education

Nampa, ID – December 18, 2023 – State Senator Brian Lenney of the Idaho Freedom Caucus is spearheading a bill for the 2024 session to reshape Idaho’s public higher education. His legislation, banning the funding and creation of DEI offices, mirrors similar movements in Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, and Iowa, prioritizing merit and equal opportunity over […]

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