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Heads up, Dorothy, the RINOs are on the Rampage

Idahoans are being inundated with propaganda mail from many different moderate to left leaning organizations that have been helping to turn our state Blue for the past 20 years. Much of this propaganda is aimed at our duly elected Chairwoman of Idaho’s Republican Party, Dorothy Moon. We saw the same thing happen when Barry Peterson […]


PODCAST: Bob Neugebauer and Former GOP Chairman Barry Peterson Discuss IACI

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Former GOP Chairman Barry Peterson Speaks Out on IACI President’s Remarks

These were Disgusting remarks from Alex LaBeau, President of IACI, in an email to his peers and associates. As offensive and vulgar as Mr. LaBeau’s comments are regarding Senator Siddoway, equally offensive, vulgar and disgusting is the casual sideswiping of the event by the IACI chairman, Mark Dunn who is a vice-president of the JR […]

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