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Heads up, Dorothy, the RINOs are on the Rampage

Idahoans are being inundated with propaganda mail from many different moderate to left leaning organizations that have been helping to turn our state Blue for the past 20 years. Much of this propaganda is aimed at our duly elected Chairwoman of Idaho’s Republican Party, Dorothy Moon. We saw the same thing happen when Barry Peterson was the chairman and it is these disgruntled old-guard politicians who have been the primary source of this constant criticism.

It makes me chuckle when I read opinion pieces like a recent one discussing the supposed disarray of the Idaho Republican party. Please believe me when I tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with the party, it is the former disgruntled heads of the party who recently resigned who are in disarray since they have lost control. I ran and was elected for 3 terms as a precinct committeeman, and I saw from the inside just how dirty the party elitists play. If you don’t agree with their agenda, you are the enemy and will soon be stoned and cast off for stepping out of line.

The Idaho Republican party has been split for some time and, to be honest, I find the new leaders to be a breath of fresh air in a dumpster of stinky trash. The party has for years been permeated with old-line conservatives who have slowly been turning into a cadre of elitists. If they don’t get their way, they take their ball and go home, along with all of the corporate money they contribute to influence our legislators who they have had a hand in getting elected.

Let’s face it, today money is the most important factor in getting elected and staying in office. For the most part, most of our legislators are not independently wealthy and must depend on outside sources to finance their campaigns every two years. They are always targets of political PACs like IACI or the medical community PACs who lobby for large corporations and medical institutions. They have been running our state and the Republican Party for the past two decades. Dorothy Moon winning the election and taking over as the chairman of the Idaho GOP was like a castration for the RINOs who had been in power for way too long. They still don’t understand that the people are sick and tired of how the old guard and their new crop of RINOs have been kowtowing to the corporate elitists.

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These old-guard RINOs are doing everything in their power to destroy the new chairwomen’s reputation from writing OP-Eds in our local liberal rags like the Statesman to the distribution of a phony newspaper they called the Idaho Bulletin. They even sent a recent flyer signed off by Idaho Ed News and Investigate West blaming the new chairwomen for eliminating the Idaho Primary in favor of a caucus. Which by the way was very successful and if anyone is to blame for not having a primary, you have to look no further than our Secretary of State.

Dorothy Moon is for the people which is why she has been the target of these constant attacks from the RINOs. People like Jim Jones, Tom Luna, and Bruce Newcomb, just to name a few, have been ripping the republican party apart with their diatribe of misguided accusations and innuendos about Dorothy Moon.

These are the same Republicans who supported a Democrat, Tom Arkoosh, to run for attorney general against Raul Labrador because the RINOs knew they couldn’t control Labrador. These are republican party puppets who have been bought and paid for by the corporate elitists. You only need to go to the Take Back Idaho website to see the vast array of RINO board members who support these naysayers.

I have been covering the political arena in Idaho for over 15 years, and I will tell you from experience that to cross these elitists is political suicide as they control the big bucks that decide the elections in our state. I have personally known Dorothy Moon since my days as a director of the Boise Tea Party and she is as honest and straightforward as they come. A true conservative who serves the people of Idaho, not the big-money elitists who have been destroying our state and turning it blue.

They are trying to do to Dorothy what they did to Barry Peterson by starving the GOP’s conservatives of corporate contributions and engaging in the biggest smear campaign ever run in this state. This “Take Back Idaho” group wants to take Idaho back but not for the people. They want to take it back so they can continue to control our legislature and our oversized bureaucracy which now takes 40% of our state budget from the federal government and has been the reason Idaho’s state budget has doubled.

This negative propaganda campaign is being waged because the RINOs are losing the battle for control of the party and they don’t like it one bit. Why do you think there have been so many attacks aimed at the real conservatives in the senate which is now controlled by the RINOs?

Just look at the latest ratings of our legislators presented by the Institute for Legislative Analysis. This analysis and ratings of our legislators from this independent organization tell the story of why Idaho is turning blue.

As for me, I’m glad we have someone like Dorothy Moon at the head of the party as she has worked hard to revive conservatism and give the party back to the people.

The reason they are attacking her is very simple. She is over the target which is when you get the most flack. Good Luck, Dorothy, and keep fighting.

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14 replies on “Heads up, Dorothy, the RINOs are on the Rampage”

Yes, Dorothy is over the target and we all need to contribute to her “bomb load”!
One-way to do this, other than financial, is to put your computer and printer to work for Freedom by printing and distributing voting Score Cards for Idaho state legislators which are available here:

The Idaho GOP is divided 80/20.

Look at the cuacus results.

The problem is 80% areWE THE PEOPLE and 20% are the lobbyist corporatists who have the money.

“Steady Even Pressure”

Dorothy Moon is a Bright Shining Star in Idaho, compared to the festering pustule of Establishment RINOs who were kicked to the curb in the Idaho GOP. We all need to let her know how much we appreciate what she did to get a Republican Presidential Primary in Idaho!

Our illustrious Secretary of State and Federal Dough-grabbing Governor killed the primary last legislative session — however, we may owe them a debt of gratitude. This caucus was reminiscent of the good old days without “digital” machines and the internet. The hand-counting was as safe as you can get. IT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED TO INSURE SAFE AND FAIR ELECTIONS!! So, thanks to McGrane & Little for letting us taste, once again, a safe and secure election!!

CLARIFICATION: Least I be misconstrued in any way — Dorothy, by working hard to pull off a Caucus, gave Idaho Republicans a WAY to vote for Presidential Candidates in what would otherwise have been a Presidential Primary, had McGrane, Little and the Legislature not thwarted things last year!!

It is an embarrassment that Idaho has such RINO federal legislators. We helped insure that the FBI got funding for their new headquarters to be LARGER than the Pentagon!

Our Federal government is at war with its citizens, and planning to escalate that war, with the help of Idaho RINOs!

Give ’em hell Dorothy!

The legislature, Secretary of State, and the Governor did the taxpayers of Idaho a favor by canceling the primary election as it has been said that it costs the state over 2 million dollars to fund an election. The Caucus was funded by the State GOP and each of the Candidates had to pay $50,000 to have their name on the ballots so this way the Candidates, not the tax payers paid for most of, if not all of the Caucus. From my view as a Caucus Captain, the Caucus was very well planned and we received good training via Zoom meetings and personal visit from Machele Hamilton to one of our committee meetings for the Idaho County Republican Central Committee.

I have met and attended small meetings with Dorothy Moon. She is genuine, informed, and determined to have a great state with good values. Of course the Rinos are going to attack. You go, Dorothy!!!

Dorothy you are a breath of fresh air to Idaho. Her and Labrador have made inroads and the rinos are being exposed. May our Lord bless them both with wisdom!

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