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The Fix was in and Idaho Lost

I watched with interest and even anticipation the debates regarding the Governor’s “Education and Tax Bill”. Once again, the insiders—the “Idaho Swamp”, controlled the process. There was a hint of vindictiveness by Senators that lost long standing seats in the primary election. One Senator who I consider to be a friend and a reasonable man […]


PODCAST: Bob Neugebauer and Former GOP Chairman Barry Peterson Discuss IACI

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Former GOP Chairman Barry Peterson Speaks Out on IACI President’s Remarks

These were Disgusting remarks from Alex LaBeau, President of IACI, in an email to his peers and associates. As offensive and vulgar as Mr. LaBeau’s comments are regarding Senator Siddoway, equally offensive, vulgar and disgusting is the casual sideswiping of the event by the IACI chairman, Mark Dunn who is a vice-president of the JR […]


Tea Party Bob on IACI and Alex LaBeau

WHO REALLY CONTROLS IDAHO’S LEGISLATURE?? IS IACI HERDING OUR LEGISLATORS?? SAY IT AIN’T SO, ALEX LABEAU. What is happening to Greg Pruett and his Constitutional Carry bill is the same thing that happens to any bill that the establishment or the lobbyists are against. They either say there is something wrong with the language, or […]

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