The Swamp Wins: Roy Moore Defeated in Alabama

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In what surely was one of the dirtier campaigns in American history, Judge Roy Moore was narrowly defeated in the Alabama special Senate election today by his hard-left opponent, Doug Jones. The campaign was dominated by attacks on Moore, which distracted voters not only from Jones’ hard-left positions but also from the election’s true significance: The loss has narrowed the Republicans’ Senate majority to 51-49, thus imperiling President Trump’s agenda and ability to shape the Supreme Court.

The Left and establishment Right pulled out all the stops to defeat Moore. Approximately a month before the election, the Washington Post (and then other media) accused the judge of having committed sexual misconduct 40 years ago. Yet the story was mischaracterized by Machiavellian media, prevaricating politicians, and artifice-practiced activists almost from the get-go.

Seven women reported only that Moore courted them — often with their parents’ blessings — when he was in his early 30s and they were of age and that he acted like a perfect gentleman. Just one woman alleged that he tried to coerce sexual activity, but key elements of her story were refuted by witnesses, and she herself admitted to having written part of the yearbook inscription she had earlier attributed to Moore. What remained was a woman with a checkered past, which included sexual misconduct allegations against other men, who claims she went on two dates with Moore when she was 14. Yet even she didn’t accuse the judge of having tried to force sexual activity.

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So there were only two damning allegations, one largely disproven and the other unproven. And in none of the cases was even fornication alleged. Yet this wasn’t the picture the media painted.

Reporters would routinely introduce the matter with something to the effect of, “Multiple women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct” and would characterize him as “an accused pedophile.” Of course, a “pedophile” is someone who engages in sexual activity with a prepubescent child, which doesn’t at all describe even the worst of the unproven allegations. But the truth didn’t matter — destroying Roy Moore did.

To this end, the Democrats and complicit media also successfully used shame tactics, telling voters that Alabama would become the nation’s laughingstock if it sent Moore to the Senate.

In contrast, Jones was often described only as a “respected attorney.” There was little mention that he supports prenatal infanticide up to, apparently, the point of birth; that he advocates allowing boys to use girls’ locker rooms if they claim girl status; and that he’s pro-amnesty.

Also swept under the rug was Jones’ behavior toward an underage victim of sexual abuse. Brittany Benefield endured the abuse when she was 15 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2001, and Jones was the institution’s defense attorney. Speaking to late last month, Benefield stated that some things Jones said during the process “really made my jaw hit the floor,” as she described him as “cold, uncaring, unfeeling and calculated throughout the case.” “He was not a victim’s advocate,” Benefield told “He was all for blaming the victim, honestly.”

As for the media’s shamelessness, their attacks were beneath contempt to the very end. Truly scraping the bottom of the barrel, Politicus USA’s Jason Easley ran the Tuesday fake-news headline, “Roy Moore Campaign Ends With Rally That Attacks Jews And Tells Stories About Child Prostitutes.”

This is a “pants on fire” lie. The story about “child prostitutes” was actually one that portrays Moore in a positive light (I wrote about it here). Related by a man who served with Moore in Vietnam, New Jersey attorney Bill Staehle, Easley couldn’t even manage to get his name right, mis-identifying him as “Bill Sailing.” But it’s fitting that fake news by a so-called reporter would be accompanied by a fake name.

Of course, leftists’ problem with Moore has nothing to do with alleged sexual impropriety. For they are the mainstreamers of sexual impropriety. They have inserted improper sex education in the schools, have peddled homosexuality and “transgenderism” to kids, and have infused the entire culture with licentiousness. They have not only defended but have lauded sexual predators such as late Senator Ted Kennedy, in whose car a young woman drowned in 1969; and Democrat pederasts such as Harvey Milk and Congressman Gerry Studds. And now they have another foot soldier in the Senate.

Leftists’ real issue with Judge Moore is that he’s everything the establishment is not. He has long stood against government cronyism, the homosexual and “transgender” agendas, and the purging of faith from public life, and he actually understands and seeks to uphold the Constitution. And as even the New York Times had to admit, as a judge Moore continually defended the little guy (and, notably, black defendants) against the powers-that-be.

But now the powers-that-be have defeated Moore. It’s a testimonial as to how the media can shape, distort, and twist public opinion. As I’ve often pointed out, the media are our conduit of information — and of misinformation. And how can people make the right decisions on politicians and policies if they’re hearing lies about those politicians and policies? It’s as with a computer: garbage in, garbage out.

And, consequently, a little more garbage is now off to the Senate.

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