Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Healthcare

Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Healthcare

The Senate will vote today on proceeding to decide if they will vote on repealing Obamacare or repealing and replacing Obamacare. Either way, they need to get off dead center as we have waited a long time to fix our health care system and get things back to some normalcy where it doesn’t cost more for your health insurance than it does for your mortgage each month.

When we think back to the 50 votes in the house to repeal without any hope that Obama would sign it, wouldn’t you think republicans would all be aligned to repeal it now that we have a president who will sign the measure? Could it be that all of those votes were simply symbolic and that there was no real appetite to repeal Obamacare? We think that is the case and, for what it is worth, unless Medicaid is reformed and reduced, it will bankrupt our country.

We received a call from Senator Mike Crapo’s office today telling us they just received a petition with 9,000 names on it in favor of repealing Obamacare. This petition came from the Tea Party Patriots and it was signed by their representative Cindy Paulson. It is nice to see that the Tea Party groups are still very active as I have been out of the circle for about a year.

Let’s face it, folks, it doesn’t appear that all of the republicans really wanted to dump Obamacare and most of this was a big show for the past 7 years. This should give you an idea of how many of our so-called conservative republicans are actually RINOs. They had all of this time to figure out what they would do to fix this problem that has been choking the life out of every middle-class family in our country with high premiums and high deductibles, and they have nothing.

Why didn’t they solve this problem? Simple, they were not going to be affected by it because they don’t have Obamacare—only the hard working taxpayers were going to get hurt if they didn’t act. Truth be known, a week ago, they passed legislation that still exempts them from whatever program they put together for us regular people. Once again, the elites are not affected; only the taxpayers will pay for their stupidity, so do you really think they care what goes into this bill?

We know that Senator Crapo and Congressman Labrador are actually trying to get a bill done that works because we have been talking with them about some ideas that would make healthcare easier to deliver and less costly. The problem is that we are not sure that Simpson and Risch are on board or exactly where they stand. It might be a good idea to send a few emails their way to make sure they know what you want them to do.

From our perspective, whatever they do has to be better than what we currently have because what we have just plain sucks and we deserve better! It appears to us that many of our so-called conservatives have had a bit too much Kool-Aid over the past eight Obama-ridden years and now think its ok to drag this process out. We don’t need to drain the swamp; we just need to drown the alligators and RINOs who are killing our country with their inaction. Either pass a bill or resign—it’s as simple as that because if you don’t do something soon, you will be out of office in your next election.

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