Bad News for Democrats

Bad News for Democrats

I have bad news for Democrats.

First, let’s look at the polls. Liberals and the mainstream media (I know, I repeat myself) keep quoting polls showing Trump’s popularity is low. Yes, it is- among the same polls that showed he would lose the presidency by double digits.

But there are three exceptions- even with those inaccurate, flawed polls.

First, Trump’s ratings are very positive on the economy. The problem for Democrats is this is the only issue that matters when voters walk into the voting booth. Ask former President George H.W. Bush. He was the leader and architect of Desert Storm, one of the greatest and most lopsided victories in military history. Yet he lost to Bill Clinton two years later because the economy was in a mild recession. As Clinton’s campaign manager said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

The economy is what matters. And on that one issue, Trump is winning. Even in those flawed polls. That means Democrats lose.

Second, while Trump appears unpopular in those polls, he is still more popular than Hillary Clinton. Even to this day. While Trump polls in the low 40’s, Hillary polls at 39%.

Remember that old joke about 2 hunters who see a bear racing towards them. One says to the other “Why are you putting on track shoes. You can’t outrun a bear.” The other hunter says, I don’t have to outrun a bear. I only have to outrun YOU.”

When it comes to Hillary, Trump is the hunter with the track shoes.

Third, even polls showing Trump as “historically unpopular” also show Congress and all the other politicians even lower. Again, Trump is the hunter with the track shows. Everyone else is going to get eaten by the bear.

So, good luck to Democrats. Trump’s unpopularity does not matter. All that matters is…Is he more popular than his opponent?

Now to Obamacare. What column could go without mentioning Obamacare? More bad news for Democrats. Did you read my last column here in the RJ? I was praying for the defeat of the Obamacare repeal. Our own Nevada Senator Dean Heller and his RINO friends ruined it. They turned a “repeal” into a coronation of Obamacare.

It repealed almost none of the taxes or regulations that are damaging our economy and murdering the middle class. Worse, it only slowed the expansion of Medicaid by 2025. Which means it NEVER would have happened. That’s the biggest scam in the political book. Put off any cuts into the future, where they will never happen.

The “repeal” was so bad, it would have postponed the collapse of Obamacare. It would have taken Democrats off the hook. Republicans would have owned this monstrosity. And when this modern-day Frankenstein collapses and takes the entire US economy with it, who would get the blame? The GOP.

Democrats should be careful what they wish for. Democrats now own Obamacare’s collapse. Forever, or until death do you part. And Obamacare’s death is coming soon. Obamacare will implode and collapse. It will destroy many lives, jobs, and businesses. So tragic. It never had to end this way. It should have just been repealed in full.

But here’s the raw truth. You can never “save” a drug addict by giving him or her money. You are enabling them. You are making it all much worse. Obamacare is a drug addict with a death wish. By spending more money to save it, Republicans were feeding the monster. The only way to save ourselves now is “tough love.” Obamacare must crash and burn. It must hit rock bottom – just like a drug addict.

And that’s bad news for Democrats. In the months leading up to the 2018 and 2020 elections, the bad news of Obamacare’s demise will come in waves. Half the country will be without options for insurance. Rates will rise dramatically each year. More Obamacare exchanges will go broke. More middle-class Americans will lose their insurance. Jobs will be lost. The debt will pile up.

Democrats got what they wanted. Now it’s the millstone around your neck. And for each new piece of tragic and devastating news about the demise and destruction of Obamacare, add a point to the GOP vote total.

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