Fired EPA staffers form ‘rogue’ anti-Trump support group

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Following eight years under Obama, where there were few constraints on the fatuousness of their policies, or the damage caused by regulatory assaults on private property and individual rights, these little dictators are now looking for other thrones from which to elevate their radicalism.

The conventional wisdom that administrative agencies have been populated with political activists is evidenced by the lemming-like exodus of left-leaning bureaucrats from of the EPA. On July 19, Greenwire published an article titled, “EPA: The staffer escape network.” Its title infers something akin to a bureaucratic Underground Railroad; a conduit of freedom for government-funded activists who’ve gotten the boot by a new pragmatic, pro-energy, pro-states’ rights administration. However, a reading of Greenwire’s report reveals that these former EPA staffers are not seeking freedom, but are attempting to ensconce themselves into a non-governmental branch of the Deep State. The report says:

EPA alumni are banding together to help their former colleagues find new jobs. They’re creating job boards, passing résumés around and spreading the word via social media. They say it’s an unprecedented networking effort among ex-staffers that comes as many EPA employees are feeling marginalized by the Trump administration’s environmental policies.

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But, more than an alumni group, these former EPA staffers appear to be seeking ways to continue their various environmentalist crusades outside of the revamped agency they feel has turned against them. The article continues:

Since the site launched last weekend, a few jobs have already been posted, Elkins said. FedEx Corp. posted a job for an environmental specialist. An EPA alumnus posted another opening at the California Air Resources Board.

He said the alumni group wants to serve as “a network for the people who are leaving EPA.”

Meanwhile, new social media accounts set up by current and former EPA staffers are also trying to support current EPA staff.

The Twitter account @RogueEPAstaff, which claims to be run by “staff, non-staff and some dude” — and has nearly 11,000 followers — posted the link to the jobs board early this week.

“Want to support EPA but not sure how? Hire a climate change hero! Post job opportunities here:”

The Twitter account recently described staffers’ sentiments about the buyouts: “This is what we are all talking about on campus. 3 categories: 1) Fuck them, not leaving, 2) Scared for my job, 3) I’m leaving this shitshow.”

The Rogue EPA Staff Twitter account reads like a message board for climate hysteria, left-wing environmental radicalism, ‘Russia Collusion’ conspiracy theories, and whiners.

This development should come as no surprise to those familiar with the mentality of the environmentalist Left. The formation of so-called ‘resistance’ groups began on Day One following the presidential election. Groups such as AltBLM, AltNPS and others, are composed of both former and current bureaucrats who have come to feel entitled to taxpayer-funded jobs in which they perform political advocacy.

Following eight years under Obama, where there were few constraints on the fatuousness of their policies, or the damage caused by regulatory assaults on private property and individual rights, these little dictators are now looking for other thrones from which to elevate their radicalism. As the bureaucracy escaped accountability for the disastrous EPA-caused Gold King Mine spill, which polluted rivers in four states and resulted in billions of dollars of damage, so individual bureaucrats, like BLM agent, Dan Love, have gotten away with inhumane, unethical and criminal activities that would be harshly punished in the private sector. It’s a little disturbing that disaffected federal employees associated with the ‘Rogue EPA Staff’ and ‘Alt BLM’ are clinging to the bureaucratic evils perpetuated by these agencies for the past eight years.

Not unlike extremist groups such as the Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity, these EPA bureaucrats have come to regard themselves as the most-capable, most-moral defenders of the environment. The fact that Obama-era policies were largely based on ideologically-driven globalist agendas, and not actual science, doesn’t matter to these people, because, to the environmentalist Left, all means are justified when the ends mean saving the planet.

Trump’s promise to drain the swamp was directed not just at the political establishment oligarchy of Washington D.C., he was talking about the bloated, corrupt, overreaching, unaccountable administrative state. Bureaucratic job insecurity is, in large part, behind the reactionary, anti-Trump hysteria infecting the halls of federal agencies.

But don’t take our word for it. If you doubt that these rogue EPA staffers are galvanized by a sense of self-righteous, bureaucratic privilege, just read the remarks by these panic-stricken paper-pushers. Greenwire quotes members of the EPA resistance:

  • “We are going to have to come out of retirement and speak on behalf of environmental protections and understanding what EPA really does,” Teter said.
  • “There is no other agency that has been targeted for sheer dismantlement,” said Teter.
  • “We have been focusing on trying to find ways to help ordinary people understand what their protections are,” Teter said.
  • She had planned to fill her retirement with other activities — like local politics or environmental efforts — but “Trump happened, so I just didn’t feel like I could walk away.”
  • Kurlansky said she’s “never seen anything like this” when it comes to alumni’s frenzy of activity during the Trump administration.
  • “People feel like the agency is occupied.”

Pity the poor bureaucrats seeking ‘escape’ from Scott Pruitt’s evolving EPA. But Glory Hallelujah to Americans, who are sick and tired of petty federal employees who misuse their offices, and take for granted the tax dollars that pay for their cushy salaries and benefits. The people who’ve paid the price for untenable policies–WOTUS– and deal with extreme fines and punishments for ‘EPA crimes’–such as veteran Joe Robertson–are thankful that Trump and Pruitt are actually working to remake this controversial, incompetent–dare I say anti American–agency, and refocus it on its intended mission, which is to serve the promote workable policies that benefit We the People, instead of playing toady to global special interests, extremist ideologies, and power-mad cubicle dwellers.

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