Benewah County RLC ‘Spirit of 76’ Banquet

Taking pride in inducing serious mental anguish with legislatures that do not honor their oaths of office


Writer’s remarks: This meeting was held one week before Russ Fulcher withdrew as a Gubernatorial Candidate and announced his candidacy for the First Congressional District, Raul Labrador’s current seat in the U.S. Congress.

I have already run articles on the speeches from this meeting by RLC State Chairman Cornel Rasor, Senator Dan Forman and candidate for Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin which begin here in this article and are linked to the complete existing articles.

In light of Russ Fulcher’s change in candidacies, my pondering not running his remarks didn’t seem fair considering how important his message was. Also in deference to Hari Heath’s stellar performance as MC with inspirational remarks this report on the meeting had to be run even if it’s two months late.

Why two months late? Never mind my long list of excuses, it could have been easy to say “Forget about it!” But my conscience wouldn’t let me, so I apologize to all and ask forgiveness. Better late than never? – Rich L


The Republican Liberty Caucus is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization dedicated to working within the Republican Party to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets. Founded in 1991, it is the oldest continuously-operating organization within the Liberty Republican movement.

Hari Heath, Chairman of the Benewah County Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) opened their annual banquet on May 20th in St. Maries at the Assembly of God Church to an engrossed gathering of patriots who were served with wisdom, enlightenment and good food.

Heath told the assemblage “A lot of people think that having President Trump in office means that we are good now. But that’s not the way our Republic works. It takes everyone doing whatever their part is, to make things happen. There are a lot of things people can do, there are a lot of places that we can all operate from and contribute so that our nation gets to where it is supposed to be.” He reminded everyone that the RLC works to educate and advocate.

State RLC Chairman, Cornel Rasor stated that it has been said that the RLC is the ‘conscience of the Republican Party.’ He said the RLC actually takes pride in inducing serious mental anguish with legislatures that do not honor their oaths of office. “We also like to encourage our legislators when they do the right thing. As such, the RLC seeks to create that critical awareness that bears the witness to the norms and values that should have been inculcated to every representative, senator, commissioner, judge or any other public servant at the time they took their oath of office. So there are pains of conscience that we try to induce as the conscience of the Republican Party. We value world view over pragmatism whereas we value liberty over specific freedoms.” — Continued as a full article (click here)

Karen CalisterioHari Heath then stated that one person can make a difference. He then recognized former RLC Idaho State Chairwoman Karen Calisterio for, in 2012, traveling around the state and organizing the state chapter. She was unable to attend this event for health reasons, but was given hearty recognition for her hard work and dedication to the RLC and was cited as a prime example of how one person can make a difference.

Ryan Durbin, the well-known 10 year old activist with his own website:, made the point we must take personal responsibilities for our freedoms and for mentoring our youth to be an American and how to affect their future. He said we must protect the spirit of ’76 for our future generations. Speaking about the future of our youth he said “As a way of saying thanks to our founders are you willing to accept the challenge to get up and get educated and get others to vote to protect my Idaho?”

Heath mentioned that Ryan started Protect My Idaho when he was 8 years old and now he is 10. He has a good future and can be an inspiration to others because any one of us can do all that he does and more. Hari mentioned that you don’t have to be a candidate for elected office to make a difference. There are a lot of things you can do and spending some time supporting candidates and elected officials can make a big difference. He mentioned it’s most important to get a candidate that has the right principles.

“We kind of have a problem here in District 5 because we’re both Benewah and Latah County. The rural parts of Latah County and all of Benewah County are quite conservative. However we have the People’s Republic of Moscow down there with the U of I and they are half the voting bloc in the district. So it’s always really hard to get a principled candidate because they’re kind of on the dole down there and they’re used to it and they want more,” stated Heath.

So it was that he stated it has become a real pleasure to get to know their new senator Dan Foreman who has proven in the legislature to be all they had wished for to represent District 5.

New district 5 State Senator Dan Foreman (91.5% voting index on the IFF Freedom Index) said that he always admired those that participated in the original 1776 fight for independence and recognizes that it had to be exciting to be involved in such a seminal event in the history of freedom. “Well, we will all have the opportunity to be active in the next struggle for freedom in the spirit of ’76 because whether we like it or not, that struggle is upon us.” — Continued as a full article (click here)

On introducing candidate for Idaho Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin, Hari mentioned that part of the job of being Lt. Governor, for those that haven’t studied government that much, is that the position also serves as president of the Senate. So she would make sure that the Senate would run a little bit better.

Candidate for Idaho Lt. Governor, Janice McGeachin, from Ketchum, ID served five consecutive terms as a State Representative from 2002 to 2012. The first four years she served on the Revenue Tax Committee and said she worked to hold down taxes in our state. She said the first bill she brought to the legislature was a bill to limit state spending. She served for four years on the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee and then served as chair on the house Health and Welfare Committee. After eight years she decided to leave, however house leadership asked her to stay on in light of the new changes coming with Obama care, so she stayed on another four years as chairman of that committee.

She quoted Thomas Jefferson’s “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” She stated, “As government grows there is more opportunity for corruption, cronyism and invasion of our personal freedoms. In the past 5 years our legislature and governor grew our government an average of 5% per year whereas, our economy in Idaho was only growing an average of 1.9%. So the first bill I took to the legislature when I went over there, was a bill to cap the rate of growth in the budget to the rate of growth in the economy and inflation. — Continued as a full article (click here)

Hari Heath called attention to the Preamble to the Republican Party Platform located inside the cover of the programs stating that those are the principles of what being a Republican is about.

He said, “There are a lot of things about Idaho that are being held back. There is some awesome potential, after all, we are the Gem State!

“I’ve been down hunting in the wilderness area that a lot of people think is pretty useless, but it has some pretty awesome potential on its own. There is a lot of land in Idaho that has extreme potential. Janice McGeachin talked about getting tax cuts. How about all of them. How about, like no taxes? 62% of the land in Idaho is currently occupied unconstitutionally by the various layers of the federal government.

“As a part of it, the part that I’m really fond of, I like to call the middle ground. There is some really high pristine areas I call the high ground, where there is wilderness or extreme terrain that’s best left to recreation and nature. I’m all for having Idaho wilderness.

“But there is middle ground that has awesome potential for multiple use and many things in it grows stuff. It’s very productive. If we got control of our resources, control of our economic engines that work in our state, other than having so many external foreign corporations extracting and giving us a pittance of what it’s worth, we could become independent.

“That’s something that’s near and dear to me, getting 62% of Idaho back. There is potential beyond imagination. One of the things I like to talk about is our logging, mining and ranching. And I don’t think people understand the vast resource known as recreation. There’s a lot of things going on there, and a lot of people say they are low-paying jobs, it’s nothing. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry.

The way I want to see Idaho managed is through stewardship where Idaho people take on a project. 62% of Idaho is out there. Your project might be bicycling through the wilderness which is currently illegal under the Forest Service. Some great places where you might want to jump off a cliff with a hang glider or paraglider. Also you might want to act in concert with someone who’s also in logging and someone else who is mining and there are ways that all that can be done environmentally. I really like sustainable development, the phrase, not the way it’s been stolen by the UN. But real sustainable development is an awesome idea and we can do it ourselves.

I’ve been helping politicians for some years now and often see them remarking ‘Yes I believe that,” without really listening. That is not what I’ve seen in Russ Fulcher. I see someone that listens and pays attention. Another thing I like about Russ is that he has worked plenty of times outside the public sector. He has experience around the world putting together teams and making things happen. And that’s what is important in Idaho because we don’t need another person telling us how the wind is blowing, we can figure that out on our own. We need somebody that knows how to run teams and how to put together an operation because we will have a transition.

Then Candidate for Idaho Governor, and since this meeting, now Candidate for First Congressional District, Raul Labrador’s current seat, in the U.S. Congress, Russ Fulcher

In Russ Fulcher’s opening his remarks he stated that in 1912 the US Congress structured the first income tax and it took effect the following year, 1913. It had a graduated rate of from 1 to 7% to help pay for a massive national budget which was $11.7 billion. That was the total budget 105 ago nationwide and if we fast-forward to 2017, the graduating tax rate is now 17 to 47%.

He reported, “We do not have the advantage on that tax front that we used to have. We have a number of things that allowed us to continue in prosperity, but we do not have the advantage that we once did.

“Our national budget today is $3.65 trillion with a T. And I don’t need to remind you our national debt is $20 trillion.

“Why has it gotten so big? Folks I would argue with you the reason that it’s gotten so big is because over time and that last 105 years the government programs had gradually taken a lot of the roles of the family. Depending on the government to do things that God cited the family to do. Government doesn’t implement things so well, it costs a tremendous amount of money and it makes us less competitive around the world.”

He said that we are living in what he believes is the most interesting time in the history of this planet and we are seeing changes that other people have never ever seen before. He pointed out that in 2016 the United States of America came into an entirely new era and the state of Idaho is about to come into an entirely new era as well. He asked, “The question is what is that going to look like?”Continued as a full article (click here)

Hari Heath brought the meeting to close with the following remarks: “I hope this has gotten people motivated because this is no time to go to sleep and find our various entertainments and just fall off the couch. We have an awesome opportunity before us. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years old or 80. I want to give you some homework to take home tonight by giving you some advice: Find whatever your place is in our future and do something about it. We’re all different, we’re all a contributor.”