PRESS RELEASE: President Trump Endorses Janice McGeachin for Idaho Governor!

BOISE, Idaho — President Trump has formally endorsed Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin in her campaign to be the next Governor of Idaho.

“Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin has been a true supporter of MAGA since the very beginning,” said President Trump. “She is brave and not afraid to stand up for the issues that matter most to the people of Idaho, a beautiful State that I won by 30.8%. Janice is great on Election Integrity, will always fight for strong Borders, our cherished Second Amendment, American Manufacturing, School Choice, and our wonderful and hardworking FARMERS. I am giving Janice McGeachin my Complete and Total Endorsement to be the next Governor of Idaho. She will make a fantastic Governor, and will never let you down!”

“I am delighted and honored to receive President Trump’s endorsement,” McGeachin said. “President Trump continues to represent the energy and enthusiasm of conservative Republican politics, and his emphatic acknowledgment of our diligent efforts to advance the conservative agenda in Idaho will only help us to expand and grow our campaign based on individual liberty, state sovereignty, and traditional conservative values. I welcome President Trump’s help in restoring these principles that have Made Idaho and America Great.”

Lt. Governor McGeachin has had multiple phone calls and personal visits with President Trump this year, discussing her campaign and their joint efforts to advance conservative, America First policies in Idaho and across the country.

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One reply on “PRESS RELEASE: President Trump Endorses Janice McGeachin for Idaho Governor!”

Right on Janice! The fact you recconize Trump as President is enough for me. We all know the election was stolen like all of them except thins one was all out in our faces!

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