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Who are the Racists?

Since its’ founding in 1829, the modern-day Democratic Party, not the party of Jefferson, has been the party of racial subjugation and racism and has a long and irrefutable history of discrimination. Let’s look at the history of race baiting and the modern-day Democratic Party:

  1. Defended Slavery
  2. Started the Civil War
  3. Opposed Reconstruction
  4. Started the Ku Klux Klan
  5. Imposed Segregation—In the South and in the Northern Suburbs
  6. Perpetrated and precipitated lynching’s
  7. Fought against the Civil Rights Initiatives of the 50’s and 60’s. It was Northern Republicans that offset the votes of Southern Dems in passing the historic Civil Rights Legislation of Lyndon Jonson—that is what Johnson said about the passing of The Civil Rights Act.
  8. Dems are the party of “Jim Crow” and the racial caste system of not just the Deep South, but in Northern cities and suburbs, and in many of our institutions—the epitome and model for what today is called “existential racism”.

Republicans, starting with their founding in 1854 and culminating in the election of 1860 of Abraham Lincoln, are the party that abolished slavery, has always been the party of equality and upward mobility, the party of Frederick Douglas (a friend and confidant of both Lincoln and Booker T. Washington) and George Washington Carver,, the party that helped establish Black businesses and a banking system in the South that provided capital and opportunity for Blacks. The Party that reinforced the legitimacy and quality of the Historical Black Colleges and the establishment of the “Hampton System” at places like Tuskegee, Howard, Fisk, and Wilberforce (founded before the civil war by abolitionists and future Republicans who were Black and White). The party that supported Black families and Black churches and Black cotillions, that were the backbone of Black Communities.

Beginning in the early twentieth century with the writings of W. E. B. Dubois, and the subsequent undermining of the Black Communities that at the time were beginning to thrive in the South and after WWI in the Midwest, the progressive movement and Democrats—our most racist president was arguably Woodrow Wilson (a Democrat Educator from and Ivy League School—Princeton) have done more to subjugate, marginalize, and exploit the Black communities (there are many Black Communities) not just one big homogenous voting bloc, than all other political factions combined.

The strategies of Republicans and those of the early civil rights movement led by Quakers and former abolitionists were to raise up Black communities from the inside out. The progressives and in the early twentieth century Marxists of many stripes looked at the Black Communities as a means of obtaining power for themselves—a voting bloc, to be used and then divided like Lenin did to his own party—the Bolsheviks. At the time, just like many so called leaders in Black Communities today, Dubois saw an opportunity to consolidate power for himself. Black conservatives like booker T. Washington were openly called “Tom’s” because of their conservative views and were in many cases marginalized by the progressive Ivy League Academic elites and their socialist/communist pawns—the “American proletariat” which future generations have proven—because of our unique quality as a people of all races and nationalities of being upwardly mobile, to have never existed.

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It didn’t take long for the “race-baiters” Black and White to come out and again try to excoriate and marginalize a conservative Black politician—Winsome Sears the first Lt. Governor from the State of Virginia. Just like they have tried to do with prominent Black conservatives like Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Candice Owens, Mia Ham, Burgess Owens, and Robert Woods.

This is what I heard on MSNBC from Dr. Michael Eric Dyson PHD. Vanderbilt University—and nobody on the set objected to his words: He said that conservative Blacks like Winsome Sears are committing “white supremacy by ventriloquism”. A Black mouth was moving with “white supremist ideas coming out for effect”. Incredible that such a racist, sexist, bigoted opinion could be voiced without being challenged on the spot—immediately. Maybe the fact that he himself is Black intimidated the panel. If that is the case and they couldn’t confront his bigoted remarks it only points to their own”racism”.

We are all created equal in the eyes of God. Nobody has a corner on the “virtue Market”—I am reminded daily of this by my wife and children probably for good reason. As they say to me, I say to all the bigots of all colors and sexes, and political parties, look at “the log in your own eye” first. Attend to the hate in your own heart first. We are all sinners and all slip from time to time in being all that we can and should be, but whenever we see hatred and bigotry and race being used as leverage to advance an argument it is incumbent on all of us to call ourselves and each other out. Immediately! On the spot!

 Racism comes in all different colors and flavors and with different political agendas. A racist is a racist. Which party is the party of Racism?

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson PHD. of Vanderbilt University—you sir are a racist of the worst kind because you exert authority over the futures of College Students and their future academic and professional careers. If they disagree with you or don’t conform to your “social justice” racist ideology, their careers can be forever impacted. I would never knowingly contribute to an institution that supports your racist theories of “white supremacy” or supports movements like Black Lives Matters (BLM) which describes themselves as being atheist anti-family, and Marxist.

Winsome Sears is a wife, mother, American Patriot, Veteran, business women, her life is truly what the American Dream is all about. She is now the first women and the first Black person, to be elected Lieutenant Governor of the State of Virginia. Let’s all celebrate. Let’s all denounce racism in all its forms.

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4 replies on “Who are the Racists?”

I am very proud of the article I wrote above. I submitted the article and the headline and I stand by those. I do not agree with the words that accompany the picture at the top of the article—they were not placed there by me. I have many close friends and family members who are democrats and I do not beleive them to be racists. The majority of Americans—by a long shot are not racists. Democrats, Republicans, Trump supporters like myself all resent being called racist. The term has been used to divide people. The purpose of my article was to point out that Republicans and Trump suporters are not racists any more than any other group. Calling someone a racist only ends the arguement and doesn’t facilitate debate–which was the purpose of the article. To those friends of mine who are democrats I apologize for the picture and the words that go with it. John Livingston

Who are the racists? The modern Republicans, after they adopted a Southern Strategy and switched places with the Democrats. Go look up an article at Salon on November 1, 2015 by Edward H. Miller titled When Texas Fell to the Wingnuts: The Secret History of the Southern Strategy, Modern Conservatism and the Lone Star State. Or get his book from a public library via interlibrary loan.

Just finished reading Mr. Miller’s book for the second time. It was in my library. Really a good book outlining the “Southern Strategy” of the Goldwater Campaign. Right next to it on my shelf was “The Conscience of a Conservative” by Barry Goldwater—mentioned several times in Mr. Miller’s book. Much of what Mr. Miller outlined was correct. The predicate of his arguement was presented, but the conclusion didn’t follow. Not only Mr. Goldwater, but liberals like Daniel Patrick Moynahan who later became a US Senator(Democrat) from NY argued against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Mr. Goldwater was prescient regarding his concerns. What happened? From WWII until 1964 Black wages, High School graduation rates, unemployment, paranatal mortality rates, College graduation rates, professional school graduation rates, crime rates, all improved faster than Whites or any other group. After the 1964 Civil Rights Act, with the replacement of Black institutions—specifically the family, churches, cottillions, historically Black Colleges, these numbers reversed. In 1960 80% of Black children were raised in a family with 2 parents—today, 30%. Young Black men of working age have doubled the unemployment rate of other demographics—-more than in 1960. Abortion rates in NYC for Black women are higher than the number of live births. Historically Black Colleges, Churches, and social clubs are struggling. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 destroyed Black institutions faster than they are destroying White and Latino institutions.

Today we must ask the same question that was raised by Mr. Goldwater. In today’s welfare state who is benefactor and who is supplicant? Who is master and who is slave? If one is supplicant and slave to a master, does it matter who your master is?

“And now we all know the rest of the story” Mr. Goldwater was right. As Mother Teresa pointed out in a debate with John Kenneth Gailbreth—“We are called on to be faithful (to the truth and our principles), not to be successful. Mr. Goldwater lost the most one sided Presidential election of the 20th century, but he was true to his ideals—and oh by the way history has proven him to be right.

Was Mr. Goldwater a racist? Was Mr. Moyhahan a racist? Has the Civil Rights Act of 1964 been successful? Calling someone a racist is a very serious charge. Calling a piece of legislation or a political policy or philosophy racist requires scholarship and wisdom before such a charge is made. Good intentions that create policies may not be racist—just stupid.


Any person who embraces the policies of the democrat party is embracing racist beliefs. The socialist philosophy of theft and redistribution is fundamentally based on the racist belief that minorities cannot succeed without government assistance. Abortion too is a racist practice, explicitly promoted to reduce the number of minority children who are born. Every democrat is accepting the racism inherent in the party’s platform and philosophy simply by identifying as an adherent of the party’s beliefs. I see no reason not to call out ALL democrats for the evil racism they endorse by adopting the title of democrat. The party has long been a force for absolute evil in this country, and we should recognize all members of that evil organization as enemies of morality and of America.

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