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President Trump Acquitted 57 – 43

Well, folks, the phony impeachment trial by the democrats has failed to convict President Trump of Incitement of Insurrection. Just like the phony charges of dealing with the Russians were proven to be nothing but lies made up by the deep state. If you spent any time listening to the arguments in the senate, it was apparent that this was not only an unconstitutional procedure brought about by the democrats but the final chapter in Trump’s persecution by those who feared his openness and candor with the people.

He is the first president in three decades who told the American people the truth. The left and the deep state had so much fear of him getting a second term that they were ready to do anything to stop him. Trump was taking apart the huge deep state that has been growing in our government for decades and they were so worried if he had another four years he might have actually dismantled much of it.

We have found out who the rats are in the Republican Party and they need to be purged in their next elections. The comments by Mitch McConnell showed everyone which side of the fence he falls down on and he needs to be admonished for the speech he gave after the acquittal.

I have talked many times before about how the Republican Party is no longer the conservative party of the people that it once was. We have a serious problem in our country with these politicians who have been in way longer than our forefathers ever envisioned and we need to find a way to institute term limits so we can get some real conservatives in office.

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My only hope is that we are not too late and already on the road to perdition. Those of us who saw Trump for what he was understand that he was a man of the people who talked in plain language to his constituents without all of the usual BS put out by so many of the RINO politicians. We witnessed the transition of our country from a floundering government dichotomy of corruption and theft to a flourishing economy where working-class Americans were actually taking some great steps forward economically.

It was the Trump economy that gave every class a lift. Unfortunately, the elitists at the top of the food chain became worried they would lose control of the system they had created to keep the American people under their thumbs and so Trump had to go at any cost.

If you think for a minute that the next 4 years are going to be better than the last four, you have lost your mind and need to see a psychiatrist. Trump gave us all a taste of what good, honest government could do and how it could lift all ships not just the luxury liners of the elite that control our politicians who make the major decisions on who wins and who loses. No one fought as hard for the average American as President Trump did, and I can’t think of another president in recent history except maybe Reagan who was willing to buck the system and fight for American values.

We saw Trump take back a lot of our dignity in the international arena that had been tossed away by our state department and former presidents. I ask you to think about the Obama apology tour after he was elected. He was willing to see Americans fail while we watched nations like China continue to grow stronger every day.

America is now divided like never before and I doubt we will ever see a meeting of the minds as 70 plus million Americans feel they had the rug pulled right out from under them during this last election. We may never really know the truth about who won this election or if and how much voter fraud took place. I only hope and pray that the good lord is watching and will keep us safe in these uncharted waters we are now sailing in.

All I can say is God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump. May he return to be our president again in 2024.

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One reply on “President Trump Acquitted 57 – 43”

With all due respect Bob, This is NOT the final chapter in Trump’s persecution. Lefty hate runs deep and they won’t be satisfied until they have tried to ruin him and his family financially for forever. I say “tried” because like all their, the left’s, past treasonist, BS, tactics they will continue to fail all the while elevated to the status of purveyors of the “truth” in the media.

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