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Who Represents Idahoans

I am sure that I speak for thousands of Idaho Conservative Republicans in saying THANK YOU to our two Conservative Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch for voting for the $1.7Trillion “Infrastructure Bill”. I haven’t read all 2700 plus pages of the Bill but reputable conservative media outlets state that at best 25% of the monies are going to programs that can be described as infrastructure.

I for one and I am sure many Idaho Republicans—come to think of it most Idaho Democrats also, are happy with the votes from our Senators. Joining the likes of Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell from Washington State, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Mazie Hirono, Corey (Spartacus) Booker and let’s not forget the “Queen of Virtue” Dianne Feinstein, makes all of Idaho just want to join hands around our State Capital and sing Kumbaya.

I don’t know Mike Crapo nor have never been invited to his bachelor pad in Washington DC for cocktails. Rumor has it he makes a mean “Old Fashion” so many of my lobbyist friends have told me. I have crossed paths on many occasions with Senator Risch professionally and many times in the early 90’s at daily Mass with FR. Morris Latter on the 4th floor at St. Al’s. Always of keen mind, always thoughtful, ethical, and moral. Always political. Makes me think that something more is going on with these votes, but what could it be—a judgeship or an ambassador’s position? Would either one of those jobs help the average person in Idaho? You know what they say—”service before self”.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal and Epoch Times there are several parts of The Bill that I think many Idahoans are very interested in:

  1. Equity for crash dummies henceforth to be referred to as the “Equity for dummies Bill”. It is not what you think—about our Congressional Delegation, but rather the sexism that is on full display when The National Highway and Traffic Administration (NHTA) uses only male dummies for crash tests! Can you believe the misogyny and overt sexual bigotry at play here? As a male I am offended not only at the idea that male dummies are expendable, but that the term male and dummy are used in conjunction with each other. How insensitive are our Senators? I demand $25million be spent to fix this problem right now. Are all the dummies white or are 15% Black and 17% Hispanic and 8% of Asian descent? Maybe they could write a book called “All You Need to Know about Dummies”. Maybe another $25million for marketing and publishing the book. Next thing you know some of the “Dummies” will be running for the Senate or Congress, or Governor in California or New York State with campaign funding coming from the NHTA. The people in those States won’t know the difference. Not Idaho Citizens. WE know our “conservative” delegation to Washington is too smart to support any of that kind of legislative “sleight of hand”—or not.
  2. Encouraging Female Truck Drivers. Now that’s a bus we can all get on and I hope Pete Buttigieg is our driver. My family has been in the trucking business for a few years and if there is one thing I know, it is that far fewer women truck drivers are in accidents than men. That means we need more women drivers —right? Or maybe there are just a small percentage of drivers who are women, so they are statistically less likely to be in accidents? Or maybe some sadistic chauvinistic, misogynistic, government commissar hates women, wants more of them to be truck drivers so they will be in more accidents? Under the bill “Congress will create A WOMEN OF TRUCKING ADVISORY BOARD to identify barriers and industry trends that directly and indirectly discourage women from pursuing and retaining carriers in trucking” I am not making this stuff up. That is the actual language in the Bill! Women working in trucking will be categorized as “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals” which would include any “non-white women”. This is supposed to incentivize more women going into trucking, but as The Ranking Member of the Senate Banking Committee—our own Senator Crapo pointed out this may also create and then incentivize a pandemic of sexual dysphoria, with many male truck drivers opting for a change of gender declaration making more money and Federal programs available to them—I just made up that last sentence. I don’t think the good Senator even thought about the Federal Government incentivizing transsexual truck drivers. And then we will need new laws about showers and bathrooms at truck stops. Hopefully with this infusion of femininity in the trucking industry the food at truck stops will improve. Women are fussier about fruits and vegetables and high cholesterol and that kind of stuff. Next thing you know you will be eating dried salmon loaf and a house salad instead of that rare rib eye you have craved for the past 8 hours.
  3. I am sure our District 2 Representative Mike Simpson leaned on our two Senators about the $172 million for Salmon—let’s be honest call it for what it really is “dam breaching”. Maybe the same lobbyist firm I believe it is called RINO’s INC that has John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Pierre Delecto, and John Kasich of council, holds more influence over the Idaho home team than our own citizens—their constituents. What is the Unisex truck driving community going to do if there are no more salmon to make salmon loaf—go vegan? Not the truckers I know and care about.

I’ll tell you what would really add insight and insult to injury for most clear-thinking Idahoans. Wouldn’t it be terrible if some out of State DC based lobbyist started running radio and TV ads in Idaho supporting our two Senators the day after their vote? Talk about hutzpah. Talk about adding insult to injury. If you ever hear such an add think about “the great reset” and globalism. Every time. Then vote for the other guy no matter who that may be. At least they may feel some allegiance to the people who voted for them.

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I didn’t vote for either one of these RINOs in the primary, but in the general didn’t have much choice.

I e-mail both to let them know how disgusted I was that they voted with the other RINOs to add more debt to the backs of our children and grandchildren, but have no doubt that those e-mails will either go right into the recycle bin or will be read but no changes undertaken.

I can’t believe that a state as red as Idaho has two RINOs like these two representing us. Ugh.

The Cnservative Index as reported by Bryan Smith in the previous Column in GSP

Year Crapo Risch
2012 95% 95%
2013 95% 93%
2014 75% 80%
2015 80% 80%
2016 60% 60%
2017 65% 65%
2018 50% 50%
2019 23% 46%
2020 30% 35%

Risch and Crapo need to go. Idahoans voted for 2 republicans instead we got 2 democtats in sheeps clothing.

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