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Our Sacred Honor

The adults who oversee many of our institutions that historically have held the keys to the kingdom of the promise of hope and advancement in our society, have proceeded in a world and with hearts that are void of virtue. The predicate for all actions in a civil and ordered world must be a foundation of virtues grounded in principles that have a bases in both Scripture and Natural Law. The Natural Law is defined as “a code embedded in the hearts of all men made known through the faculties of reason, faith and revelation”. It embodies stoic ideals of mind, body and spirit. The concept transcends parochialism and concepts of nativistic humanism.

When we make ourselves our own god and we create our own morality we define for ourselves our own virtue. Virtue becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy, and we can justify killing millions of people—think the Holocaust, and Stalin, and Pol Pot and Mao, all in the name of “the common good” Communalism, communism, socialism and all the “isms” that require coercion and compulsion lack a theology and a morality that is centered on the goodness of the individual. A respect for the connection between “free will” and individual liberty, and an understanding that the “common good” that is only found by promoting the advancement of individuals and families by teaching the Classic and Christian virtues that incentivize work, responsibility, and individual accountability, is lacking in modern day social political philosophy.

We live in an upside-down world lacking in virtue. Evil has been made to look good and those who stand against it are called bigots or racists. Evil has placed friends and family against each other, and many choose just not to fight or jeopardize their relationships, even if it means remaining silent in the face of societal and individual self-destruction. A man says he is a woman, and the events—many times a lifetime of being bullied or marginalized, that lead to the underlying psychopathy are never addressed. We are asked to remain silent. We require American Citizens to have a passport as they pass across our border, and we let illegal immigrants pass without our knowing who they are, what they are transporting, or even inquiring to see if they are involved in a business where unwilling children are sex slaves. That is not to mention the greatest evil of all and that is the transport of drugs made in China, assembled in Mexico, and sent over our border via cartels with business associations in both our country and Mexico—not to mention willing politicians in Washington and the various States whose campaigns are financed by banks and business that launder cartel drug and human trafficking pesos and dollars. We are asked to remain silent.

We watch as our institutions are infiltrated by a “wokeness”, a faux political narrative that itself has no grounding in Scripture, Natural Law, or any historical legal precedent prior to the modern day “social justice movement”, which claims falsely to be based on the 19th century Catholic social justice theory of Fr. Luigi Paparelli and his student Pope Leo the XIII. Pope Leo’s encyclical RERUM NAVORUM is a classic recapitulation of Thomistic Natural Law Theory, written to counter the humanistic philosophy of Rene Descartes that ironically is more consistent with today’s “wokeness” para political philosophical humanistic theory. When those amongst who are woke ask for reparations for those who have never been slaves, from those who have never owned slaves—many who had ancestors that died in our Civil War, we are asked to remain silent.

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But a story from Easter Weekend from Walter Reed Medical center is more than I will take:

“Last week, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Holy Name College Friary, a group of Catholic priests, ordering them to stop providing pastoral care at their facility,” the letter reads. “The same group of priests have served at Walter Reed for almost 20 years, and this order came days before Easter.”

“Forcing priests to stop providing care during Holy Week is not only morally wrong, but also a violation of the First Amendment,” they wrote.

George Washington started the Chaplaincy service in our military during the early stages of our Revolutionary War. Chaplains of all faiths have attended to our troops in the field and with our sailors on the high seas. God has always been a central part of the American story and to not call on the mercy and love of “Devine Providence” and/or Jesus Christ, and then to ask young men and women to place themselves in harm’s way to protect our liberties is a form of bigotry in and of itself. A military led by Godless leaders is doomed to failure. Calling on God for protection, guidance and solace should be a protected “right” in our military. We are asked to remain silent. Where are the Joint Chiefs of Staff on this one? Many of our admirals and generals seem to be “agnostic” when it comes to supporting the religious needs of those on the front lines, or those in military hospitals who are today paying the price for our liberty. And of course, we learned last week that the Department of Justice and The FBI had infiltrated Catholic Churches across the country looking for “terrorists” —especially those participating in The Latin Rite! We are asked to remain silent when our faith and belief in God is attacked. NOT ME.

PS As of today I have yet to hear from any of our Catholic Bishops regarding either of these two issues. Where is the virtue—especially courage, in our church. Catholic or not there should be an outcry in our nation about both issues from people of all faiths. Maybe sacrificing principles in the name of maintaining relationships is part of the New World Order Philosophy. The final words in our Great Declaration are worth reviewing “…. we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” They recognized rightly that their lives weren’t sacred, their fortunes weren’t sacred, it appears that the ideas, belief in God, and the Natural Law Philosophy that formed the central idea of what they created—liberty, was what was sacred. We unfortunately today have few leaders that understand what is sacred.  When friendships, even family relationships, money, or things (property) become more important than our faith in God and our moral code based on that belief, then we as a people really have no “sacred honor”.

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