Nullification Stops Federalization

Reprinted with Permission of The John Birch Society

Last week, The New American magazine reported on Montana’s efforts to stop the federalization of its law enforcement. The state legislature passed and the governor signed into law House Bill 3030, effectively stopping the practice of using federal funds to buy military equipment or accept any equipment from the federal government.

The New American also reported last week that the North Carolina Senate passed legislation nullifying the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations on wood-burning stoves.

Senate Bill 303 would permit North Carolina to refuse to enforce recently promulgated EPA regulations restricting the use of wood-burning stoves for heat.

“The EPA has drafted over 300 pages of regulations for wood stoves and heaters,” said state senator Chad Barefoot, as quoted in a story posted by news station WRAL.

In addition, Tennessee is set to nullify “all federal gun control efforts,” as reported by The New American.

And we reported in this e-newsletter in February that the states have 200+ nullification bills that were introduced. So where is all of this going? It’s demonstrating that state legislatures are becoming educated on their role of controlling a federal government working outside of its constitutional limitations. They are stepping forward to finally fulfill their role of protecting their citizens from federal tyranny. So those that use as an excuse or reason the cry that “something must be done!” will find that something has already been done and will continue to be done by many, many concerned Americans that understand you do not ask Congress for permission to grant powers states already have.

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Join some of those many, many concerned Americans today to effectively place the federal government back into its constitutional restraints.

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