Can Idaho Survive an EMP Attack – How to Prepare

Idaho and Iran’s nuclear threat. How Idaho can survive manmade and natural interruptions of the power grid.

Iran has shown a devious nature in its dealings with just about everyone. Estimates run from Iran’s having several warheads to being capable of producing them within several months. They have launched satellites and are developing ICBM technology and have several types of medium range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles in service. They have launched satellites and are developing a manned space program.

Iran cannot attack the USA in the force or ferocity as the Russians or Chinese can; but using a nuclear weapon as an EMP (electromagnetic pulse weapon) could efficiently and quickly nullify the entire power grid and any electrically powered type of devices. Increasing solar activity can also generate EMP’s. CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) and intense solar flares are increasing. There has been a genuine decrease in the effectiveness of the earth’s electro-magnetic field as well, increasing radio blackouts. The USA could be turned back to an 1850’s environment in an instant. Could Idaho survive and recover? Studies demonstrate the geographic location makes most of the State habitable in a fallout situation. Could the State’s infrastructure, environmental, mechanical and social survive a strike that would render the bulk of the country helpless via downing the power grid? Cyber-attacks, physical damage and an EMP deliberately set off by a hostile nation such as Iran could disrupt or take down electrical power transmittal in the USA. What efforts have been made to harden the State’s communications and transportation networks as well as community-based survival organizations?

The picture should be encouraging. Idaho’s conservative, self-reliant nature and agricultural foundations make a certain number of conditions fairly sure. But there are steps the average citizen can take to ensure the survival and recovery from a short or long term grid disruption. The State has an emergency plan. It is well organized, but depends on communications which may be damaged in an EMP event.

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Idaho has an Idaho office for Homeland Security. Regular updates are published regarding threat analysis and relays from Federal DHS. Certainly this is good information, but relying only on governmental sources is limited. In a large scale emergency local control will be priority and each citizen will be ultimately responsible for the welfare of family and property. Here Idaho’s geographic and social demographics are an asset. Idaho’s Treasure Valley has the bulk of the state’s population cluster. Each of the major population areas has exit areas where prepared suburban and urban dwellers could find shelter if prepared for an extended camping experience. A packed and provisioned RV or camper, emergency supplies and a map would ensure survival during a national or environmental emergency.

What will work during an EMP or grid failure? Digital and other devices which employ printed circuit technology ARE wiped out in an EMP. Depending on the scope of the event, natural or manmade, communications will be necessary. Building a Faraday Cage to shield cell phones, batteries and other small devices will keep them safe for use after the initial effects of the event. Small hand-generated radios and battery chargers are commercially available.

Each citizen family should have basics for survival and a plan. The emotional trauma from a disaster is a serious consideration for survival. Add to this the possible involvement of forces hostile to our way of life and communication and serious planning is essential. Some basics are required. Water from a dependable source that does not require electricity to retrieve is a start. Having a solid and reliable hand pump, dependable hoses, a siphon and buckets and containers is a necessity. If you are on a farm or ranch managing water is a high priority and moving livestock to areas where water is readily available will be a priority. Water filters are readily available commercially and keeping a supply of refillable containers should be a regular task.

Neighbors and churches are the first line of community survival. Neighbors who can exchange food and other items, work together to share essential resources and provide common security will provide a more reliable safety net than expecting overburdened local first responders to act.

Long term storage food. Some big box stores run sales of large containers of storable foods. For those familiar with MRE’s these are quite a surprise. Multi-servings, water dissoluble and long term storage make them quite an achievement over the “survival crackers” which stocked 1960’s fallout shelters. Freeze dryer and dehydrators are excellent personal and group purchases. A Utah company manufactures a freeze dryer that could be affordably purchased and used to preserve and store unlimited amounts of foods, locally grown. “He who controls the food, controls the people” as Henry Kissinger is quoted. It is estimated that most US large cities have at best a three-day supply of consumables in stock. A grid/EMP emergency will disrupt any deliveries. Stock up, preserve, plan and survive.

Iran has made no secret of its plans for an Iran-centered world and its own version of an Islamic Caliphate. Iran’s Muslim direction and ideology mated with a genuine high tech and military development program pose a genuine danger to our nation and infrastructure. Preparing for a disruption of power delivery via the national grid is a patriotic duty.

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