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More Proof Idaho is Turning Blue

Say it isn’t So – Idahoans it’s time you Open Your Eyes. The Institute for Legislative Analysis has just released a scathing report on Idaho. The headlines read “Just Released National Study: Democrats Control Idaho Senate – Republicans Narrowly Hold House. What is even more damming is the evaluation they did of our very own Democrat Governor Brad Little.”

The analysis found that Governor Brad Little sided with the Limited Government position 42.53% of the time which corresponds to a Democratic political philosophy. The data revealed that Governor Little strongly aligned with limited government on policies relating to election integrity and individual liberties but aligns with the progressive wing of the Democratic party on fiscal, spending and regulatory-related issues.”We urge you to check out this important report if you want to see just how Blue Idaho has become with our current legislature and governor.

I doubt that anyone who has lived in Idaho for any length of time will be surprised at this revelation as Idaho has been under siege by these phony republicans for over a decade. It has been like a slow growing cancer in our legislature and local government towns and cities like Boise and Meridian. Since the early 2000s, transplants from our liberal neighboring states like California, Oregon and Washington have been moving to the Gem state to retire because of the low cost of living. Unfortunately, many of these liberal state refugees have unknowingly brought with them many liberal values and ideas acquired while living in these blue states.

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In a recent Fox News article, they discussed the infiltration of Eagle, Idaho, by retired police and firefighters who identify as conservative but appear more socialist compared to Old Guard Idahoans.

If you come to Idaho with a six-figure pension, you’re doing a lot better than most Idahoans who are still working for a living. This is similar to how Colorado turned Blue but they had the added influence of legalized marijuana. If after reading this latest analysis, you still don’t think Idaho is turning Blue I would have to say you are completely delusional. Idahoans have been deceived because they don’t do their homework or pay attention to the many onerous bills that our legislature has passed in the last 10 years. Sure, there is always a lot of fanfare when they pass an anti-abortion bill or pro-gun legislation but in reality, this is all an act to make you think we were voting for conservatives while they expand state bureaucracies, appoint liberal judges raise property taxes and double the state budget.

Organizations like IACI and the Medical co-op associations with their political PACs have been at the forefront of getting these people elected and they continue their purge of conservatives in our legislature with each new election. If we elect a true conservative to our legislature, you can bet that they will have an opponent in the next election with plenty of money compliments of IACI or some other moderate political Pac. Idahoans should by now have a clear picture of what these Republicrats are up to by the actions of Senate Pro Tempore Chuck Winder as he removed 3 true conservatives from important positions on senate legislative committees.

Read more about Winder at the links below:

To give you an idea of why these three senators were targeted you only have to look at their voting records and compare them to Senator Winder’s rating. Senators Herndon. Lenny and Zuiderveld all had scores higher than 93% conservative while our liberal Senator Winder came in with a score of 43.75%.

This conversion of Idaho from Red to Blue is like a virus that we need to find a cure for rather quickly if we want to take our state back. The big corporate money and old guard republicans have been leading the charge to expand our state budget and suck up huge amounts of federal dollars with their Memorandums of Understanding attached. We have a failing transportation infrastructure, a failing education system feeding liberal propaganda to our children, and a failing Health & Welfare Dept riddled with scandal while our taxes continue to choke the life out of our middle class.

Idahoans had better wake up soon and replace these phony Republicrats with some solid conservatives and stop this movement for Rank Choice Voting or we are destined to become another crime infested, homeless welfare state like our blue neighbors.

I would like to thank the Idaho Dispatch for bringing this study to the forefront. Too bad our liberal media will not talk about this study which proves what we have been saying for years. It is time for Idahoans to come out of the deep sleep they have been in for over a decade and learn that just because a candidate has an R before their name on a ballot doesn’t mean they are conservative. This study proves this point with hard core evidence, the voting records of our current legislators and governor. Our state has been moving on this trend toward liberalism for years because Idahoans don’t do any homework. So here we are presenting you with the evidence that Idaho legislators don’t have the conservative values that are constantly portrayed to have by the mainstream press. It is not the legislators’ fault but the voters’ fault that we find ourselves in this situation.

Only you the voters can change this at the polls in November 2024, and for heaven’s sake, DO NOT SIGN THE PETITION FOR RANK CHOICE VOTING unless you want to see Idaho become the next Washington or Oregon.

“We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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14 replies on “More Proof Idaho is Turning Blue”

The socialist mayor gets re-elected? Really? She goes to Dubai to learn all about the latest C.O.P. One World Order agendas? Ch. 7 News goes from family-oriented, relatively balanced news to mask-vaxx craziness? The 2nd Amendment flag is still waving, but is tattered and needs major repair.
Yes, we’ve been ‘Blued upon’ for quite some time- square on the shoulders of RINOs. The last Idaho ‘Guber’ election told us everything.

Let’s not forget that the governor was ‘re-elected’ after destroying 25% of small businesses with his unscientific Covid decisions, and ‘beat’ a candidate who ran a strong campaign, and was publically endorsed by President Trump twice (Trump endorsed candidates nationwide won over 90% of their races).

“Turning Blue” suggests that somehow the number of Democrat voters is increasing. For that to be true, they would have to be a majority somewhere. Dem voter numbers are DECREASING nationally, and quickly. It would be more accurate to say that Idaho is being TURNED blue via methods independent of the voters…

Non-partisan city elections are one way. Most people vote according to party. What better way to sneak in Leftists than to hide their political affiliation? Just talk pro-2A or pretend to care about education and haul in the votes…

Ada County has election integrity issues and nothing has been done.

The Ada County GOP doesn’t seem to do a damn thing about getting good patriotic Americans on the ballot either. Choices for mayor were an outright fascist Dem and a ‘Republican” who returned a donation from someone who questioned spending tax dollars on a homosexual parade…

We are not unique. Every state has been infiltrated and corrupted by the Left. Let’s hope the state GoP finds its spine under new leadership and starts fighting back.

Your friends and neighbors in the agricultural and medical industries are the people who need to be convinced.
I have a colleague who is very conservative and the daughter of a farmer. She votes for Brad Little because he supports agriculture.
This is the mindset that is turning Idaho blue. Appeal to enough special interests and you can take over the world.

This is right on. Our problem is getting this info into the minds of freedom and liberty Idahoans when the Demorats control the media..

Democrats are mere minions when it comes to who exactly controls the media. If you don’t really know who controls the media, that’s nobodies fault but your own.


“[T]hey measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” (2 Corinthians 10:12)

The comparison of blue and red states is as counterproductive as is the comparison between today’s alleged conservatives and liberals, which, in turn only diverts attention away from the only valid and helpful comparison.

The only valid comparison being what our God and Creator expects of us as found in His Word and Law.

The bulk of today’s alleged conservatives are merely left-leaning liberals. Anyone or any thing left of God’s right is left, liberal, and ultimately ungodly.

For more, see blog article “Right, Left, and Center: Who Gets to Decide?” at

“Do not take consul of your fears.” – H/T to Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. The realities of economics will have a huge say in Gem State politics in 2024. And the effects of the Jab and the Boosters are just starting to present themselves in large numbers. When this corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country goes full Weimar, the Sheeple, Normalcy Bias fools, and cuckolded “conservatives” will be forced to wake up and smell the coffee.
Stay vigilant and prepared. Remember all politics is local. Here in the very red panhandle, we still are holding our own against the forces of darkness which manifest themselves through a small, vocal minority belonging to the Marxist-Infanticide Party (nee` Democrat). Speak up and stand up. Truth is its own defense.

The population is not turning blue, its turning far more red. People arriving are survivors fleeing communism. Unfortunately the Idaho locals are very naive about the methods being used against them. Democrats simply run as republicans, and get elected and re-elected because the locals dont get it. The transplants who come to idaho understand, but their simply arent enough of them to stop this. Imagine electing Brad Little twice and leftist plants like Fulcher and Crapo. But Idaho locals hear the word republican, and u got their vote no matter what your actions are.

Been saying this for years. What’s most disturbing is all the “native” idahoans claiming it’s the Californians moving here that is the problem when, in fact, the opposite is true. It’s the apathetic and ignorant native idahoans who are leading the blue charge by voting for RINO Republicans and their own selfish liberal ideologies that are the problem. Most californians I’ve met are far more conservative than the native idahoans who are the primary complainers.

Seriously? Transplants to Idaho especially from So Cal are perhaps not conservative, but they’re certainty radically right, as former law enforcement and fire fighters among others enjoy the largesse the Democratic legislatures and governors gave them. Liberals do not relocate to Idaho; they’re smarter than that. Just look at the states we partner with in suits against the federal government: Louisiana, Missouri, Texas. . the hall of infamy.

“…among others who enjoy the largesse of the Democratic legislatures.” Seriously?! I worked for over 30 years as a Peace Officer in SoCal, and the “largesse” which you speak of came from Conservative Republican County Supervisors, who stood shoulder to shoulder with us as we battled the slop-over of violent crime and felony thefts from business and residences. The slop-over came from a large neighboring county run by Democrats and supported by Hollywood leftists, safe and secure in their own gated communities. I am grateful liberals do not relocate here to push their socialist and infanticide agendas. How is everything working out for the average citizen in New Yawk, Mr. Fillios? Have you moved back their yet?

Thank you for your tireless efforts to share truth and cogent analysis here an on radio! Spot-on as usual.

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