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Mr. Winder And His Corporate Comradery

According to Senator Chuck Winder, President Pro Tempore, “All the power that’s given to the government comes from the people and because of that government should be serving the people in a way the people want and not the other way around.” At least that is his claim on his website.

Mr. Winder recently decided to punish Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld for exposing the truth about the relationship between legislators and the corporate world by removing her from her position as a committee vice chair.

Well, the truth is, Mr. Winder himself is right there center stage with the corporate world as a member of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), while taking money from many others.

At the PNWER 2023 Annual Summit, held in July of this year, Mr. Winder was part of a panel that discussed developing a “Bi-National Framework on Energy Security and Sustainability”. Canada was part of that discussion.

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At least Mr. Winder is honest when he starts out with his remarks, “I don’t have a lot of thoughts on that”. But his continued remarks really show his true colors and what he thinks of Idahoans. According to Mr. Winder the “general public” has a lack of understanding of the problems and costs of clean energy. Surely Mr. Winder is kidding. There probably isn’t one Idahoan who isn’t constantly adjusting their monthly budget to fit the ongoing waste of money by the government.

He goes on to say that it is the responsibility of public officials to “educate the public” but “it isn’t easy”. Is Mr. Winder suggesting the public is too stupid to understand what is really going on? His solution to reduce costs is cutting down on permit times while forcing Idahoans into clean energy. How about Mr. Winder getting booted for someone who will listen to Idahoans? How much money will that save everyone?

Mr. Winder, this whole clean energy is a scam created by corporations for projects that will generate profits and the government is in bed with them to make it happen. And in my opinion, you sir, are part of that scam. To make matters worse, you are conniving with other countries to do it.

Idahoans are sick and tired of this clean energy crap that is being forced down their throats by a government that no longer listens to what they want, just as you are obviously not listening. Government officials collude in dark, smoke filled rooms to serve corporate wishes for projects that will make a killing for their coffers and destroy the livelihoods of thousands. That is not what Idahoans want.

Mr. Winder’s remarks can be heard starting at the 49:07″ mark and more at 53:51″ where he acknowledges the horrendous costs this clean energy scam will impose on the agricultural sector.

 At the 1:01:05″ mark he acknowledges the tremendous control China has over the components needed for this clean energy agenda. The best he can suggest for this clean air and water agenda is to catch up with other countries. Everything that is wrong with this whole picture is being ignored.

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