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The Decline of Respect for Moral and Ethical Values in America

With few exceptions, every aspect of American life is in decay: You should have all heard the news by now that our representatives in Washington have a fund for the purpose of paying for sexual harassment complaints. If this doesn’t raise the ire of every American, then we don’t know what will. This is just the tip of the iceberg of immoral turpitude that has been creeping into our country for many years.

When you think about the fact that nearly 48 percent of American children are born to moms who are not married and 43 percent live in a home without a father. Only 50 percent of Americans over age 18 are married compared to 72 percent in 1960. In light of these statistics, what did you expect to happen to moral and ethical values? Did you really expect them to improve?

The decline in the public education of our children is even more dramatic: The average American school teaches much less about important subjects such as American history, English grammar, literature, music, and art. Instead, schools are teaching much more about “social justice,” environmentalism, and sex. To the extent that American history is taught, in high school, it is presented as the history of an immoral nation which is characterized by everything bad like slavery, racism, economic exploitation, and militarism. Instead, our children should be taught about a country that, more than any other, has been the beacon of freedom to mankind, a country that has spent more treasure and voluntarily spilled more of its own citizens’ blood to liberate other people than any other nation.

Most of today’s Universities have become secular seminaries: Our schools of so-called higher education have now devolved to the dissemination of leftism and, aside from indoctrination, students usually learn very little. Even more telling is how we have changed the definition of marriage. We could even say the end of male and female relationships because today marriage is marriage and gender means nothing. So, whether children are raised by a mother and father or two mothers or two fathers it doesn’t matter anymore. For the first time in recorded history gender is regarded as meaningless.

Are we seeing the end of Right and Wrong for America?: At least two generations of American young people have been taught that moral categories are nothing more than personal preferences and every value claim is labeled an opinion. Why is it that in some high schools across our country boys are now elected homecoming queen and women who object to men being in a women’s locker room in a gym are told they are intolerant. Talk about a world turned upside down in a matter of only 50 years.

The decline in religion has been a major cause of these moral and ethical problems: Religion has been in a precipitous decline for many years and there are no moral truths because there is no longer a religious basis for morality. Instead of being guided by a code higher than themselves, Americans are taught to rely on their feelings to determine how to behave. Instead of being given moral guidance, children are asked, “How do you feel about it?” Although the vast majority still believe in God, the numbers that reject any religious affiliation have been rapidly rising from 6 percent in 1992 to 22 percent in 2014. Among Millennials, the figure was 35 percent. In a recent Gallop poll, 77 percent of Americans say the state of moral values in our country is getting worse.

What is the answer to this terrible decline in so many ways?

Most everything starts and finishes with education: Education is the foundation of change. Unfortunately for America, we have allowed the education of our children to get away from us and have given too much control of our educational curriculum to liberal bureaucrats for the past 50 years. Unless we bring the education process back to a local level, the bureaucratic government and the liberal phonies who run our schools will continue to teach them how to be good socialists.

As parents, we have yielded our rights to both state and federal governments when it comes to what our children are taught, and we have seen much to our dismay the slow but sure deterioration of our educational system. When parents don’t attend local school board meetings and you only have 10 to 20 percent of eligible voters electing school board members, we get what we deserve—bad curriculum and bad decisions from administrators. Abrogating your responsibility to vote in local elections is a sure fire way to change America for the worst.

God has been left out of our public education system: Another reason for the deterioration in our educational system is the fact that we have taken God out of our schools along with the moral and ethical behavior that goes along with the teachings of the Bible. Instead, today we have zero tolerance levels for bullying, but we have not done much of anything to address rampant social media persecutions of our children by their peers. What will be the next step for the lefties to tear down our heritage?

Even Christmas has been transformed by the left with the help of corporate America to the point that we can’t say “Merry Christmas” anymore without getting a sneer. How about the thought of putting up a Gay Nativity scene with baby Jesus and two fathers?

Isn’t it time to bring the Bible back to the classroom if for no other reason as a historical reference book? Isn’t it time that the parents stopped thinking of our school system as a daycare center for their children? Isn’t it time we returned to the moral and ethical values that made this country great? I believe we would all agree that the answer to these questions is yes, we should, but are you willing to do something about it personally and hold those responsible for this deterioration accountable?

Don’t complain if you don’t vote: We all complain about the representatives who are supposed to represent us but do nothing to make the change. Most of these elected officials only represent the special interests that contribute to their campaigns. The real problem lies in the fact that when it comes electing conservative representatives, we never seem to get it right. We just keep electing the same swamp dwellers over and over again—mostly because the electorate is not informed.

The real shocker is that we don’t seem to care who is elected and that story is told simply by the number of people who go to the polls and cast their vote every time we have an election. If you’re too busy to vote, you’re too busy to care about your country and therefore, as I always say, “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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