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Moral Certitude

“I can forgive you for killing my children, but I can never forgive you for making me kill yours” Golda Meir I have spent over 26 years in the military on active duty, in the reserves, and as an instructor of surgeons and physicians around the world. I was never at “the tip of the spear” […]


Snowflakes or Reasoning Adults – It’s the Parents’ Choice

— Published with Permission of — Our nineteenth-century legal theory (individual right, contract, ‘a man can do what he likes with his own,’ etc.) was based on the conception of the separate individual. – Mary Parker Follett, The New State What is more important to people than their children? If people aren’t willing to stand […]

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The Decline of Respect for Moral and Ethical Values in America

With few exceptions, every aspect of American life is in decay: You should have all heard the news by now that our representatives in Washington have a fund for the purpose of paying for sexual harassment complaints. If this doesn’t raise the ire of every American, then we don’t know what will. This is just […]