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What’s Right is Right

After taking a required theological ethics course in college, I was impressed with the complexities that had been introduced into our thinking by academicians, ethicists and theologians, and even legal scholars about issues of right and wrong that almost always are simple to resolve in our own hearts and minds. We are guided by both […]

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Moral Certitude

“I can forgive you for killing my children, but I can never forgive you for making me kill yours” Golda Meir I have spent over 26 years in the military on active duty, in the reserves, and as an instructor of surgeons and physicians around the world. I was never at “the tip of the spear” […]


Snowflakes or Reasoning Adults – It’s the Parents’ Choice

— Published with Permission of — Our nineteenth-century legal theory (individual right, contract, ‘a man can do what he likes with his own,’ etc.) was based on the conception of the separate individual. – Mary Parker Follett, The New State What is more important to people than their children? If people aren’t willing to stand […]

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The Decline of Respect for Moral and Ethical Values in America

With few exceptions, every aspect of American life is in decay: You should have all heard the news by now that our representatives in Washington have a fund for the purpose of paying for sexual harassment complaints. If this doesn’t raise the ire of every American, then we don’t know what will. This is just […]

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