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Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

There seems to be lot of hateful words and language coming from the political progressive left lately. People supporting Hamas and Hezbollah are using words like fascist and racist when they address those who oppose their false allegations of Jewish-Israeli Apartheid. Their understanding of ancient and modern history is a result of a generation not being grounded in the 3000-year march of Western Civilization from Jerusalem through Athens, Rome, Magna Carta and the Enlightenment Fathers. They have neither a grounding in Biblical nor philosophical truths. They can neither explain the moral predicates from which they argue or the logic that proceeds from nihilistic nothingness.

So as conservatives and Christians we need to remind ourselves to “love the sinner and hate the sin”. And what is it that propels the hate and evil in the heart of so many of those demonstrating on our college campuses and in the streets of many of our capital cities, or on the set of THE VIEW? I believe in many cases a hateful heart comes from a guilty conscience. When one has no skills and cannot take care of themselves or cannot get a pizza box delivered by a rope joist to them during their takeover of a Columbia University building, there is not much to be proud of. So, the anger in one’s heart turns to envy and hate for others. Those who can’t do or who have no life skills covet and even despise those that do. Today who has more respect—a college professor or a guy who owns his own plumbing or electrical company, or a farmer or rancher?

I believe that many elite progressives have turned themselves into their own little gods. On a case-by-case basis they pridefully believe they are able to discern with a unique form of situational ethics for themselves the good and evil of a problem at hand—whether it involves a providential or prudential issue. For most of them there appears to be no difference.

I don’t like to deal in generalities, but it seems that many who despise our country and its’ Christian Founding are the same who profess to want to destroy Israel—”from the river to the sea”. They are the same who refuse to recognize the unique and even miraculous history of modern Westernism, instead calling our forefathers Imperialists, Colonialists, and heaven forbid CAPITALISTS. All allegations that are true and like any of the ism’s there is a nasty underbelly to the application of those political and economic philosophies. But compare the accomplishments of our Western past with communism—0ver 120 million people killed by Mao and Stalin not counting 50 million who starved to death or 80million who became political prisoners. Being banished to a Siberian prison or a Nazi death camp is as evil as any form of slavery or indentured. Our country and our forefathers began paying the debt for slavery at the very beginning of our country’s existence and continued the business costing 600,000 men—white and black their lives in our Civil War. And the battle continues today, more so in our country than any other country in the world.

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So, the final straw of hate that broke my camel’s back was the outrage from the same progressive quarters against Harrison Buckner’s now infamous graduation speech at Benedictine University that can be read below. Extolling the virtues of traditional feminism and womanhood, he stood by his own personal truth and belief, and I believe he is closer to the target than anyone else in the political elite classes and media. His public testimony of respect for his wife and family and his faith in God would be something any wife would be proud to hear—or at least should. How lucky they both are to have each other and be in a Covenant relationship.

You don’t have to agree with the speech to at least respect his point of view. I very much agree with almost everything he said. And what is wrong with announcing your religious principles as the predicate for your argument? He simply pointed out that both men and woman are called to a vocation of motherhood and fatherhood. One can serve their fellow man in other ways and be consequential, but we need more mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, involved with their families than we do doctors, or lawyers or teachers or religious. I believe for at least two generations traditional roles of woman and man have been marginalized as being inconsequential and unimportant. As I look back on my own life, I wish I had been a better father and husband, but I can say I always tried to make both roles important and respected in our family.

In both the Roman Catholic and the Protestant traditions the role of mother is the most important job and gift that can be given to a person. Not all are called to be a parent, but when so called there is nothing that can be so fulfilling. Ask any fulltime mom who is a room mother, a catechist, a soccer coach, or helps in her church taking care of those with special needs including the elderly, and at the same time is mother and wife to her family. What job could ever be harder or more fulfilling? I think many men and women marginalize family life because it is so hard, not because it is easy.

Think of what and who “the haters hate”. White men, Christians, America, Israel, Capitalism, “deplorables” and most of all unborn little baby girls and boys.

What do they profess to stand for? Transgenderism, abortion, legalizing drugs, chaos in our institutions including substituting meritocracy for DEI programs and making our legal system a conduit for “social justice” instead of a platform for civil justice and unbiased jurisprudence.

The abuse that Harrison Butker has taken over his remarks at Benedictine College are only to be expected. Sometimes speaking truth to a powerful establishment and swimming against the current of political correctness carries a price. It always has, but sooner or later the truth will prevail. “Love the sinner and hate the sin”

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One reply on “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin”

“Love the sinner, and hate the sin.” It seems something impossible to do, for most 501c3 Christians, seated in Zionist preaching churches. God is the creator of ALL. We are ALL His children. However, some of us have our eyes WIDE-SHUT. It is time to OPEN YOUR EYES. Israel has been an apartheid State ever since the 1948 incursion, where Jews, Christians and Arabs were living in peace and harmony. They banished them ALL, in that region called Palestine, took over and have CONTROLLED IT SINCE THAT TIME.

It pains me to see so many who daily call for the complete annihilation of those who live in GAZA.. Christians live there, too. But, no one talks about that. It is time for Americans to WAKE UP and truly QUESTION want is being fed to them.

Today’s Christian churches seem almost Hell bent on the deaths of ALL who are living in GAZA. Is that “Loving the sinner,” but hating the sin? I THINK NOT.

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