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Liberal Trojan Horses set to Turn Idaho Blue

Why is it that even the most conservative of people like Kevin Miller use Facebook?  Don’t they realize that they are aiding and abetting the enemy who is trying to take away our freedom of speech?  The story about Facebook coming to Idaho was first broken by Kevin Miller host of 580KIDO radio. 

The people who run Facebook are part of this great reset that Glen Beck has written about in his recently published book. Many people are talking about it but does anyone realize that this reset is actually in process. We doubt it as we could not even get a printed copy of this book from Amazon as only electronic copies were available. Facebook is using their social media platform to take away you’re constitutional freedoms.

Allowing this liberal behemoth to set up shop here Idaho is like planting a Trojan horse in our backyard and asking for a liberal takeover of our state. The entry of Facebook with this $800 million plant is a big mistake and anyone who thinks this is going to be beneficial to the treasure valley will be sadly mistaken in the long run. With the building of this new facility the Treasure Valley will now have two of the largest most liberal corporations in the world sitting in the heart of the of Idaho’s most populated counties. You can be sure that Governor Little and his IACI cabal knew about this project well in advance. You can bet that millions were and will continue to be made by those elite few who had advanced knowledge of this project and owned or bought property in and around it. It is deals like these that continue to promote cronyism which we believe has been prevalent in our state for two decades.

Facebooks management will make many promises that its entry into the Treasure Valley will bring nothing but more prosperity. What you will never know is the inside deals that were made to make this project possible and what it will eventually cost Idahoan’s. Does anyone really believe that they are going to use Idaho labor to build this huge complex? We don’t have enough construction people available in all of Idaho to deal with a project of this magnitude that will supposedly create 1,200 labor intensive jobs. To be sure there will be many out of state laborers that will be imported to work on this plant. Finding a place for them to stay during its construction will be more than a challenge and most assuredly will cause rents to rise even higher than they already are. Is this plant really going to provide a bevy of high paying jobs for Idahoans? We believe that any hiring’s in Idaho will be less than anyone has projected. Facebook has already said they will only need 100 employees to run this plant and you can bet that they will bring most of them in form outside of the state.

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We believe this is the second invasion by a very left leaning company since the Amazon distribution center was built. Along with these types of companies will come their big money and power which Facebooks spokesperson says will bring support to STEM education as well as funding for water restoration projects to “replenish watersheds”. Will this open the door to more CRT type programs in our schools and maybe even support to breach the dams on the Colombia River as proposed by our liberal Congressman Simpson. Could it mean the closing off more of our land that is currently being used for recreation purposes? Make no mistake about it these two mega bucks leftists giants did not choose Idaho just to build their facilities. They choose Idaho to change the very nature of our state to be a more moderate and then liberal thinking and voting entity.

This $800 million project by Facebook is nothing but a drop in the bucket just like the Amazon Center was a drop in the bucket to them. The important thing to remember about this invasion is they are looking to turn one of the most conservative thinking states into a new bastion of liberal morons. They have very carefully chosen the Treasure Valley because of its huge diverse thinking population and our already liberalized BSU and state capital. Unfortunately we have a group of political crony hacks running our state that are going to allow this to happen because of the money involved. They are going to change the make of up the treasure valley and bring with them more problems than they will solve.

While everyone complains about Facebooks censorship there are only very few influential people who are willing to call them out for who they really are. They are an ominous subversive power that is trying to undermine our country with their censorship and leftists ideas. If you go back in history you will find that most every country that has been taken over by a dictatorial form of government has first had their freedom of speech taken away. After that when they have enough power they will come for our guns. If we continue to support organizations like Facebook, Twitter and even Amazon we open the door to loosing not only our freedom of speech but all of our constitutional freedoms. Does anyone remember how Amazon took down the servers for Parler a competing conservative social network program and virtually put them out of business over night?

We realize it is difficult for people to break old habits like the readily available communication that social media outlets provide but they must weigh the ease of communications with the long term cost of censorship. There are so many new social media platforms out there that could easily satisfy their insatiable appetite for instant communications but many users are just too lazy to try them. I know this because the Gem State Patriot was caught up in Facebooks social media reach and for a couple of years. While our site had attained over a million hits in a month we eventually paid the price of being so popular. Facebooks algorithm detectives discovered that we were a very conservative organization and began paying attention to our posts. Once discovered every time we posted something they didn’t like they took the post down while cutting our reach to 250,000 and eventually down to 20 to 25 thousand hits a month. They finally got tired of taking down our posts and just banned us all together. Wake up people and find another way to communicate because social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are out to change our country in ways you cannot imagine and it all starts with censorship.

You can stop this new invasion of these leftist’s organizations by saying “NO” to their money changing our voting habits and getting informed about our new and current candidates who hold office and finding out just what they stand for. If you truly want to destroy the organized corporate elitists who have been trying to change our state you need to start by cutting off the head of this poisonous snake. Idahoans will have an opportunity to bring true conservatism back to our state by electing one of the truly conservative candidates that are running for governor, Ammon Bundy, Ed Humphreys, or Janice McGeachin.

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4 replies on “Liberal Trojan Horses set to Turn Idaho Blue”

I dropped off of Facebook when they started censoring posts. Democrats are infiltrating every red state. This country is being ran by corrupted officials that cheated their way to office, destroying our country from within. Pure evil.

time to boycott fakebook, twaddle, instaham etc. hit ’embwhere it hurts, in their moccachino latte/Tesla/tats/ piercing/Godless commie pocketbook

who made money off this deal?
we need to open the on & off shore accounts of EVERY public servant!!! if you get paid by the public all of your information is public! i want to know who is paying off gov little?

“Why is it that even the most conservative of people like Kevin Miller use Facebook?” I find this to be hypocritical at best when right at the top of your post there is a facebook link. Perhaps you should start with yourself before pointing your finger at others. BTW, I don’t have a facebook page nor do I have any inclination to have one. Put your action where your words are.

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