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Is Ammon Bundy a Game Changer as an Independent?

Ammon Bundy has caught everyone in the political arena off guard and has turned over Governor Little’s reelection apple cart. Everyone has been thinking that with three viable candidates running against Little in the primary it was going to be an easy win for him. Unfortunately for Little that has changed and you can bet that the political strategists for all the candidates have been caught with their pants down.

Ammon’s decision to drop out of the Republican Primary for governor and run as an independent has truly changed the dynamics of the governor’s race. It was always going to be an uphill battle for all three viable challengers to win the primary but now that there are only two viable challengers running the game has changed dramatically. It is our opinion that barring a personal visit by President Trump to support Janice McGeachin, and a strong media campaign Governor Little may still have enough influence and money to win the Republican primary but just like in 2016 with only a plurality of the vote as long as both Humphrey’s and McGeachin are both on the ballot. It looks like this primary could now be a rerun of 2016 when Little won with only 37% of the vote.

Even if Little wins the primary the real battle will take place in November. By then Ammon Bundy will have had the time necessary to get his message out to many more Idahoan’s and give him a good shot of grabbing the brass ring out of Governor Doolittle’s hands. Little may well need all of that $11 million they say he has salted away for his race and then some.

Changing to Independent at this point in the race was a brilliant move by Bundy as it will give him another 6 months to prepare for the general election. In that time he will need to convince voters that he is the one person who can turn Idaho around and stop the corruption that has plagued our state for 2 decades. The key will be to remind Idahoans of Littles broken promises to cut the grocery tax and reform property taxes while cutting income taxes to help his high income crony friends and corporate supporters with an income tax cut.

Bundy needs to remind voters how the Little administration called a state of emergency which has run for 2 years and caused untold damage when he closed down non-essential businesses. While governor Little continues to brag about how he has brought economic prosperity back to the Gem State the real reason our economy is doing so well is because of President Trump’s policies. In case you haven’t noticed when was the last time you heard Little utter Trump’s name since he endorsed McGeachin. Trump is no fool he saw Little for what he was, just another rhino elitist trying to ride in on his coat tails. The real question is will Idaho’s voters be able to see through Little’s veil of lies before the November election?

While Bundy will have a lot of ground to cover he has already proven that he is able to attract crowds of people who are willing to listen to his message. We tuned into his last town hall on the internet which had some 900 registered participants. This showed us that he is beginning to capture the imagination of both conservative republican and independent voters. Ammon has been pounded and beaten up at every turn by the liberal media since he entered this race. If the leftist media wasn’t talking about his participation in defending his Dad’s grazing rights they were criticizing his occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge or his illegal removal from the Idaho State House gallery and Lincoln Auditorium. Bundy is a real leader and has the scars to prove it. We believe he is someone who will fight for what is right and protect our constitutional rights no matter what the cost to him personally. Just answer a simple question, would you rather be in a foxhole during a war with Bundy or Little?

The leftist’s media have tried their hardest to turn this patriot of people’s rights into a right wing nut job and they couldn’t be more wrong about him. People need to look at the facts with rational clarity and not the foggy fiction presented by the media. One has to see that all of these accusations they say were the mark of an anarchist were really the patriotic acts of a man seeking justice from government oppression of his family, friends and himself. Ammon and his family went through a literal hell with the various government agencies prosecuting him for honest attempts to right the wrongs of government overreach and oppression. You have to understand that the judge’s rulings to drop all charges against Mr. Bundy with prejudice left the government prosecutors with lots of egg on their faces. While the government will never admit the wrongful prosecution and internment of Bundy it is obvious by the judge’s rulings they were on a witch hunt from the very beginning.

While Ammon his brother and father were acquitted on all federal charges it seems that even now the liberal media does not want to accept the decision of the courts. They continue their persecution of this man who is not afraid to stand up for his rights under the constitution. Even President Trump saw the injustice against the Hammonds that Ammon was fighting against with the Malheur occupation when he pardoned Dwight Hammond and his son. While justice prevailed in the Bundy’s battle with the Federal Government it shows us just how powerful various government agencies can be if they decide you might be a danger to the system. Bundy is a fighter and a man who understands that if you don’t stand up and fight for your constitutional rights the government will first ignore them and then take them away one my one.

We are currently seeing demonstrations across the nation about the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our schools, mask and vaccine mandates and many other onerous illegal orders. The people issuing these orders are nothing more than power hungry political wannabee mayors and governors along with the medical bureaucrats. The Truckers convoy in Ottawa Canada is a perfect example of the people’s right to protest peacefully against government edicts that they feel are unjust. Americans our at a precipice when it comes to their constitutional rights and are just now waking up and taking a stand against what they consider to be injustices in the system. Actions by our government officials and the medical bureaucrats at the NIH and CDC during this covid event have finally poked the bear once too often with their covid mandates. The people are just now beginning to fight back with recalls of boards of education to the surprise election of a republican governor in Virginia. We are going to see some dynamic changes take place in the midterm elections with republicans taking both houses and we would bet money that Trump will run again in 2024 to win another four year term. “MAGA”

We also believe that the real conservatives of this country are becoming activated and those politicians that have taken advantage of them during this crisis will pay the price in this year’s elections both federal and state. This is going to be a tumultuous year so keep your eye on the polls because the politicians who have not lived up to their oaths of office or their promises are going to feel the wrath of the constituents they both oppressed lied too. Many of these democrats and republican cronies will be looking for new jobs and we might actually be able to return to some normalcy when these elections are over. May God Bless America.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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14 replies on “Is Ammon Bundy a Game Changer as an Independent?”

I think without question Janice McGeachin is the best candidate for Governor. She proved herself over the past year fighting against Governor Little. Ammon has withdrawn. I like Ammon and wish him well, but many of the things he proposes to do are the domain of the Legislature. Also, as long as Ed Humphreys stays in the race Little is sure to win. So far Little still has not registered. Thanks JIm Hollingsworth

I disagree. Janice McGeachin may have lifted the mask mandates and did a few things here and there, but it was so we would all remember the “good” that she did so we would later vote for her. I don’t trust her, but I’m not going to bash her online either. Ammon Bundy is the way to go. He’s the only one that has proven he will stand up for Idaho. We need a real change, and he will fight for our rights. We all need to grow some courage and fight with him…unless, of course, you all want our beautiful state to turn into another communist disaster.

Appreciate your comments Jim as always but I don’t think you realize that by Ammon dropping out of the race he has given Janice an opportunity to win the primary but she needs to up her game and try to get someone like Trump out here in person to help support her. Thus far her campaign has been lack luster and under financed compared to Little who supposedly has a war chest of 11 million to spend. If she loses we get another shot with Ammon in the general.

Nothing changes if nothing changes and a vote for McGeachin is simply more of the same unfortunately. She is weak as a leader. Ammon is solid on principle and a proven champion of liberty.

Couldn’t agree more! Bundy has the proven backbone and will to get things done. If both houses go constitutionally conservative, it will make his job that much easier.

Nope, I stand with Ammon Bundy. At least he has proven he will stand up to feds. NO MORE BOOMER RINOS!

Jim, Ammon has not withdrawn from the race, just the Republican primary! He’ll be on the ballot in November against either ChickenLittle or McGeachin. I know you were a staunch supporter or Ron Paul for president in 2008 and 2012 – – are you aware that Dr. Paul has endorsed Ammon for Governor if Idaho?

Hi James: The question is whether the people want a Constitutionally limited and representative Government that protects Liberty. Many people are inverting the narrative, which I have witnessed take place toward Ammon Bundy for years. The many unelected unconstitutional executive agencies must be removed to constitutionally limit Government and return the representative power back to the Legislative Branch. The Governor definitely has the power to eliminate these Executive agencies. They give the Executive Branch (Governor) unlimited power, which is why the Legislative Branch is intimidated by the Executive Branch and establishment Republicans want them to remain. Janis McGeachin has done nothing her entire career to initiate the removal of these powerful agencies. Her being elected will change nothing in that regard—it will be business as usual. Then within a few years we will have liberals occupying the unconstitutional power structure that Republicans have built and that now exists. Do you really want that? The people now have a rare opportunity to elect a Governor that has the courage and resolve to constitutionally limit the Executive Branch, which will open the door for the Legislative Branch to assume their leadership role Constitutionally representing the people. It is a wonderful plan. Please have a great day.

We do know what Ammon Bundy stands for! We have seen it in action and his website is full of his ideas! I’m not really sure about Janice McGeachin. We know she implemented mandates while Little was out of town, but was that a purely political move? She knew Little would rescind those mandates. What does McGeachin really believe and stand for? Not sure. Would love for her to truly campaign and communicate to us what she would stand for as Governor. It’s not enough that she has Trumps approval. Does he know what she stands for? How about letting the voters know instead? These are dangerous times and we as a state absolutely need a fighter that will not back down as Governor!

I’m a hard core republican & constitutionalist , past experiences with ‘independents’ has been favorable as most have been left of left.
Not voting republican is a hard decision but candidate Bundy’s actions & stance softens the blow.
After spending 10+years within our legislature & local government as a board member for a voting & property rights activist to reform Idaho’s Forced Annexation law showed me hard evidence that both parties in Idaho are controlled by a cartel of special interest lobbyists who fund their elections.
The runaway growth we’re experiencing is going to massively increase property taxes because our political prostitutes’ have allowed the Cartel of Development industry lobbyists to avoid paying appropriate Impact Fees for decades & shove millions in Development Infrastructure costs onto backs of taxpayers via Idaho’s oppressive Forced Annexation Law.

Idaho & most of America now have the best local & state governments that lobbyist dollars can buy.
President Trump spoke of his experiences with this political swamp when he started his run for president. It will be interesting what his pick for Idaho Governor will be.
*America’s Founding Fathers foresaw political corruption , thats why they created Oath of Office Contracts & empowered Citizens as our nation’s Oath Enforcers.
We will continue to be controlled by the lobby cartel & their political prostitutes until we unite behind & assume our Civic & Constitutional obligation to promptly arrest & remove rogue public servants who’s records & actions evidence that they have criminally violated their Oath of Office Contracts.

Politician’s backing destruction of our nation’s Vote Integrity & our sovereignty by opening our borders to invasion by of millions of illegal & unvetted aliens & drugs is a good start…

Janice initiated Capital Clarity and tried hard to inform legislators about the truth. She made Dr. Cole a household name across the country when the YouTube interview at the capital went viral. She may not be perfect but anyone that has worked that hard to expose Little is worthy of support.
We need to stop another four years of the Little regime.

Trump has endorsed Janice for the primary. Trump could endorse Ammon after the primary if Little wins. Do you think Trump would endorse Little or Bundy in the general election, or will Trump remain quiet for the general?
Everyone should be happy now. It is not going to be easy for Little. He could lose in the primary or the genaral. His war chest may indicate he is for sale. 11 million will make the Idaho media happy. People with money will continue to give Little ‘more’ money, even though he has enough. Could they be trying to buy influence?
Ammon Bundy will not try to overrule the courts or the legislature. He will protect life, liberty, and property as Idaho’s Governor. He will stop baby murder so that our legislature will be forced to react. The U.S. Supreme Court, constitutionally, has no jurisdiction to rule on baby murder. The RINO’s, Demonrats, and the law schools want to avoid discussion of constitutional jurisdiction. Criminal law ‘was’ in state jurisdiction for the first 150 years of America. Ammon Bundy understands jurisdiction and separation of powers. He is no wimp.

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