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Luna Dubs Bundy a RINO

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Once again, Tom Luna, Chairman of the Republican Party, attacks Ammon Bundy, this time for being a RINO. Wow! We could think of a dozen clichés to fit this press release but The Pot Calling the Kettle Black suits this situation just fine.

Let us remind you that Tom Luna made his political bones in Idaho’s “Educational Industrial Complex”. He is the man who brought Federally inspired Common Core into Idaho and the man who stood behind and supported the failed propositions 1, 2 and 3 a controversial program which eventually lead to his demise as Idaho’s Supt. Of Ed. The three-part educational package, consisted of an eight-year $180 million program limiting teachers’ collective bargaining rights, requiring online classes and mandating laptops for ninth-graders, were eventually voted down on a ballot measure by mostly conservative Idahoans. He and Governor Otter even sucked the Boise Tea Party into thinking this was a good idea. The Tea Party eventually saw the program for what it was and came out against it.

Luna has a long tainted history in Idaho’s education arena but most of it has disappeared from any google searches except this one which we found after hours of looking. You will find it quite enlightening.

This website is called “Crooks and Liars” and it gives you a good picture of who supported Tom Luna and in most cases still support him. They are also the reason he is Chairman of the thundering herd of RINO’s who run our state. These are the same big money elitists who had a hand in turning our state into a garbage dump of political corruption.

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Let us continue with our depiction of Tom who thought he was the savior of Idaho’s education system. Luna worked under George Bush’s education department which brought us the failed “No Child Left Behind Program”. He was also a popular pick by Mitt the RINO Romney for his education secretary had he won the election.

It was Tom Luna who eventually brought the extremely controversial Common Core program to Idaho which conservative Idahoans have been trying to rid themselves of for almost a decade.  Education is a big business my friends and Tom Luna used education in Idaho as a stepping stone to be where he is today. There are not many bigger RINO Cronies than Tom Luna and all you have to do is dig a little bit to find out who this man really is.

When he first wanted to run for Supt. of Ed. In Idaho he couldn’t even qualify as he had never graduated from either of the two colleges he attended BYU and BSU. He finally had to receive his BA from Thomas Edison College in Trenton N.J. Tom was also the subject of a failed controversial recall as Idaho’s Supt. of Ed. in 2011 but it never reached the 2012 ballot because they could not collect the 158,000 signatures needed. It is however interesting to note that the site for the recall gave these three reasons for this recall. These comments were listed on the Ballotpedia website.

  • “Mr. Luna had a hidden agenda.”
  • “Mr. Luna’s “reforms” reflect the interests of his campaign contributors.”
  • “Mr. Luna ignored the vast majority of students, parents, and teachers who opposed his plans. In short, Mr. Luna has become disconnected and arrogant and should be recalled.”

Luna dropped out of the race for Supt. of Ed. after the recall failed surprisingly he was even able to turn high school students against him as they protested the propositions.

Make no bones about it folks Luna is the Chief RINO in the Republican Party and even has a show on 580KIDO radio on Saturday mornings with his RINO partner Victor Miller. Here they sit and pontificate about republican values and every week they bring more RINO’s on their show to plague the radio waves with nothing but broken promises and misinformation. Yes my dear readers it is unfortunate that we have such unsavory characters leading the Republican Party in Idaho. Please keep in mind that you are the ones that opened the door and let them in and only you can kick their butts out. I would say it is time you put your kicking shoes on and get rid of these one armed bandits who are part of a gang of corrupt politicians that have been fleecing Idahoans for the past two decades. As of October 2021 Idaho ranked 36th with a “C” in education in the 50 states and D.C. up from 39th the year before. Idaho’s lowest Quality Counts rankings consistently come in the category of School Finance, where the latest report gives it a D and a ranking of 48 out of 51. Idaho’s overall rank dropped in 2022 to 38th so “Where’s the Beef”? Our politicians rave over how many dollars we are committing to our schools budgets every year yet we continue to tread water in the rankings. The big question remains “Where is the money being spent that we remain in the bottom of the rankings?” What we need is a forensic audit of the entire school system budget to find out where the problem lies.

While we don’t currently have a horse in this four way race for governor we certainly would be pleased to see any one of the three credible challengers Janice McGeachin, Ed Humphrey’s or Ammon Bundy become Idaho’s next Governor. We do believe that the Chairman of the Republican Party Mr. Luna is somewhat worried about this year’s election. The unwarranted beating up on Ammon Bundy with such misplaced animosity tells us the RINOs are scared out of their thick skins that Bundy has the potential to upset their plans and defeat Little in the general election. Only time will tell who will grab the brass political ring, so hold on to your seats and grab yourself a bag of popcorn and a cold beer as this is going to be one heck of a battle.

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6 replies on “Luna Dubs Bundy a RINO”

Luna needs to stop the “Misinformation” being put out by the NEA/Idaho teachers on CRT, sexual teaching by tyrannies, and needs to restore the constitution in our school curriculum . That is a huge task but needs to be done to save our children from the dumbing down of America!

“Republican” no longer holds meaning like it once did. The party has been long exploited by those who are in it for their own gain – far removed from any conservative value. The same can be said for the Democrat party. It is utterly unrecognizable today, having been infiltrated by Marxists and similar ilk destructive to liberty. It is long past time for the voting public to assess a candidate strictly on their own merits and not on some superficial label. Ammon Bundy is the rare, true conservative and in today’s poisoned political climate he is viewed as an extremist by those who feel threatened by his solid stand on conservative values. The concepts of freedom and liberty and the inalienable rights to them continue to be infringed upon – by members of the Republican party.

I am so glad to see this article. Victor Miller commands the attention of so many due to his involvement in the Ada County Republicans, and most don’t know what he is really about. I went to one meeting, eager to get involved and had Victor tell me what a great conservative Little is and how I was just misinformed. I realize his particular brand of religion dictates that women should not think for themselves but this one does! I tune in periodically to what I call the “ Pink Whimper” radio show on Saturday mornings and am shocked at the unchallenged platforms he and Luna give to the Rinos of this state.
I appreciate your willingness to call these guys out and to fight for true freedom in this state.
I will be voting for Little in the primary, so I can vote Bundy for the win in November.

I just want to say “DON’T VOTE FOR LITTLE IN THE PRIMARY” Bundy is a great candidate but it would be better to have a McGeachin vs Bundy in the general than a Little vs Bundy in the general. Bundy and McGechin are very much on the same track when it comes to cutting taxes and smaller government and I surmise that if they were to be pitted against each other in the general you would see one of them drop out and support the other and it wouldn’t matter which one won the election as the result would be getting rid of Little. Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

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