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Letter to the Editor: It pays to be a Winner

I recently read Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown. It is a story of overcoming failure. A story filled with sadness and triumphs. A testament to the strength of God’s saving power and the plans He has for us when we open our hearts to His will.

And while the book has its fair share of tragedy, it is also a miraculous testament to the magic that life has to offer when we live it to its fullest. It is a reminder of the struggles in our lives and that the battles we face are worth fighting for.

One particular saying in the book stood out to me was “It pays to be a Winner.” This is a saying the Seals use to motivate one another. It is a reminder of the inner strength that lies within us just waiting to be challenged. It represents the traditions of our founding and the fighting spirit that men and woman have sacrificed their lives for. It is a reminder to NEVER GIVE UP!

I believe that spirit is alive today and say what you want about President Trump’s tweets he is a fighter. He enters the arena every day to do battle in what he believes in. He TKO’s the Democrats on a daily basis. I like it and I want to be in his corner. I personally do not support his entire slate of policy positions but I do admire his bravado to fight for what he believes in. He owes no apology for fighting a battle he believes in.

When was the last time the Democrats apologized for what they believe in? When was the last time the Democrats apologized for their spiteful rhetoric to have this president assonated? When was the last time the Democrats compromised? They do none of the above, they just fight and we should too.

Americans love winners! Let’s start acting like WINNERS!

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