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Liberal Media is Dying a Little More Everyday

With all of the fake news that has been out there in liberal media world, the public has become very aware of the bias that has been running wild in just about every liberal newspaper, TV and radio show you can think of, and the Idaho Statesman is no different. The Statesman is owned by McClatchy—a mega media giant known for its liberal bias.

These traditional news outlets have laid off 40% of the nation’s journalists and non-profit foundations have taken up the investigative reporting because it is too costly for the papers. These foundations are left of center especially when it comes to environmental issues, and they have basically become disseminators of liberal propaganda. The Media Research Center has shed a light on these foundations who receive their funding with a website called “Buying Bias: discover the network of billionaires behind non-profit journalism.”

We have been wondering when we would see a story like the one we found in the Statesman on June 30th about how they are going to change their style. They mention many things they are going to change, but without taking the liberal bias out of their content, we believe this will be no more than smoke and mirrors. Tigers don’t change their stripes and this one is way too old to change its ways now.

Here are a couple of quoted statements from the article: “You can always rely on Statesman reporters for accurate, fair and reliable news reporting. I’m proud that the Statesman has journalists with integrity who care deeply about their roles and the Treasure Valley.” They continue to tell us, “Our reporting will take the lead holding your lawmakers accountable to their promises;” If this were only true, maybe they intend to bring back Dan Popkey. When I think about the political scandals with the CCA and Wi-Fi in our schools and that no one was held accountable, I find it difficult to believe that things are going to change anytime soon. They have been sucking up to the establishment crony politicians for 15 years and it’s doubtful that will change anytime soon.

The way people receive their news is changing and it has been for the past five years as more people go to the internet for their information. Fortunately, we have seen our subscribers jump over the past two years and we are growing every month. Years ago, you used to be able to depend on the news being factual and unbiased, but that has all changed and now you have to pick and choose carefully if you expect to get correct information about the subject matter.

About four months ago, I canceled my subscription to the Statesman and I have received a call from their subscription department once every month asking if I would like to subscribe again. Each and every time I have told them, “no thank you, I think your newspaper is too liberal in your reporting and I have no interest in renewing my subscription.” The last call came this past week when I told them this was a do-not-call number and I would report them if they called again. They said they would remove my name from their list. By the way, have any of you noticed that the Statesman has been giving away free newspapers and trying to sign up new subscribers in Albertsons and Fred Meyer’s for the past few weeks? This is just another indication that they are losing subscribers each and every day.

Gem State Patriot News will continue to provide our readers with factual up to date news, but we will tell you upfront that we are a conservative news source—we don’t try to hide the fact. So if you can take a little conservative attitude, you can get good information by reading our articles on a regular basis. We never intended to be for everyone, but if we can satisfy the conservative element in our state and the surrounding areas, that will be enough to make us happy and after all, we don’t charge for our information. We do however accept donations to defray costs. As for the Statesman and others like them, they will continue to pump out the usual garbage with the usual bias and the only change you might see is an increase in the subscription price as their subscriber numbers go down and their advertising revenues continue to decline.

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