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Israelis and Palestinians, Their Origins

The current conflict between Israel and Palestine (or Hamas) prompted several conversations I have had. Rather than who’s right and who’s wrong, the crux of the discussions revolves around the origins of these two people. Both sides claim that the tiny piece of land is the land of their origin. But, both claims cannot be right.

To begin with, a major source of confusion lies with names. They have changed with time. I will attempt to clarify them as we go along. To begin with, I will start with the term Holly Land to represent the land named by the Romas as Palestine or the boundary of land established by King David in the Old Testament.

Israelis are the descendants of Abraham. He, his family, and his followers went to Egypt, and Pharaoh granted them their right to live in the Holy Land (see Genesis 12), in an area occupied by the Canaanites, the original inhabitants of the area.

After relocating to the Holy Land, the Canaanites’ ruler, Abimelech, further granted Abraham the right to stay in the Holy Land (Genesis 20:15).

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The relationship was one of toleration at the time. Abraham’s family became prosperous and numerous (Genesis 13:2). And strife existed between the original inhabitants and even within Abraham’s household. As a result, Abraham’s group split, with Lot moving to the East, to today’s Jordan (Genesis 13:7).

Abraham’s family continued to grow. He had three main descendants, Ishmael, Essau, and Jacob. Ishmael moved to the south, occupying today’s Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Many consider Ishmael to be the forefather of the Arabs. The claim of the Holy Land was not exercised with the move south. However, historically, since the Romans, Arabs did occupied the Holy Land on occasion.

Essau was Abraham’s grandson. He moved east, joining Lot in today’s Jordan.

Jacob was Essau’s twin brother. They are both Abraham’s grandson. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. And he remained in the Holy Land. He inherited the right to stay and claim of the land through Abraham and Isaac. Israel resolved the claim to the land with Essau as described in Genesis 32 and 33. Ishmael moved, and there was no conflict at that time. What about the Canaanites, the original inhabitants of the Holy Land? To resolve any possible dispute, Israel bought the right to stay from the Canaanites (Genesis 33: 18-19). Of Abraham’s main descendants, Israel was the only one that did that–paying the Canaanites for the land.

What about the Palestinians? Let’s clarify the term first. They were originally known as the Philistines. In an act of spite, the Romans changed the name of the Holy Land to the land of the Philistines, with different translations, Phillistine was translated into Palestine.

There was a famine in the land, and Israel moved to Egypt. In their absence, the Philistines invaded and made war against the Canaanites, with the intention of occupying the land. Philistines were foreign occupiers of the Holy Land. Also, note that the Philistines were not Arabs.

After the famine, the children of Israel returned to the Holy Land. Led by Moses and later Joshua, the children of Israel fought off foreign occupiers, and they avoided conflicts with the children of Essau (see Deuteronomy 2). And they made a peace agreement with the small remaining original inhabitants, the descendants of the Canaanites (see Joshua 9).

The Philistines, though occupiers, managed one notable feat. After entering the Holy Land, Gaza was never conquered. Even the Romans were not able to totally remove them. Equally true is the fact that the Philistines never managed to conquer the Holy Land. I want to emphasize the fact that the Philistines NEVER totally conquered the Holy Land. There was never in history where the was a nation named Philistine over the Holy Land. Today, we call that group, Palestinians. Just the same, there was never a nation named Palestine over the Holy Land. I realize that the discussion over the Palestinians and the Jews will continue. Same with the discussion on legitimacy, and the current declaration of war by Israel.

While I am under no illusion that this article will settle the discussion on this topic. I want to set the record straight on their history and origin.

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This should not be misconstrued as support for Hamas, however, for anyone thinking America’s obligated to back the country of Israel because the Israeli Jews are allegedly Abraham’s Israelite descendants, I wonder if the following quotations (all of them from recognized Jewish authorities) have something to say about the Zionists’ claims to alleged fulfilled prophecies and the never-ending Middle East conflicts:

“Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.’” (Richard Siegel and Carl Rheins, eds., “Identity Crisis,” The Jewish Almanac, (New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1980) p. 3.)

That sentence is the opening sentence of the First Chapter entitled “Identity Crisis” of the 1980 Jewish Almanac. That today’s Jews are not genetic Israelites is also admitted in “The Jewish Encyclopedia,” the “Encyclopedia Judaica,” “The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia,” “The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia,” and by many of their historians.

According to three Jewish encyclopedias and Flavius Josephus, the entire Edomite nation was forced into converting to Judaism and became known as Judahites at the time of the high priest John Hyrcanus (Maccabaeus):

“…in the days of John Hyrcanus (end of the second century B.C.E.) … the Edomites became a section of the Jewish people.” (“Edom,” Encyclopaedia Judaica (Jerusalem, Israel: Encyclopaedia Judaica Company, 1971) Volume 6, p. 378.)

“They were then incorporated with the Jewish nation….” (“Edom, Idumea,” The Jewish Encyclopedia (New York & London: Funk and Wagnalls Company, 1904) Volume V, p. 41.)

“…from then on they constituted a part of the Jewish people, Herod [King of Judea] being one of their descendants.” (Cecil Roth and Geoffrey Wigoden, “Edom (Idumea),” The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1977) p. 589.)

“…they submitted to the use of circumcision, and the rest of the Jewish ways of living; at which time … they were hereafter no other than Jews.” (Flavius Josephus, “The Antiquities of the Jews,” Josephus, (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 1960) Book XIII, Chapter IX, Verse 1, p. 279.)

We keep hearing that if we don’t bless the modern State of Israel (which America has been doing since at least 1948) that we will be cursed. However, it seems it’s been just the opposite, Since 1948, you name it, and there’s not an area in America wherein she hasn’t become worse off.

Could it because America has identified the wrong people as Israel.

Today’s Jews are not the only ones with an identity crisis.

For more, see free online book “The Mystery of the Gentiles: Where Are They and Where Are They Now?” at


If you really want the latest and most accurate information on who the Gentiles and ancient Israelites are, even who the original people in the Americas were, go to ANSWERS IN GENESIS.

IT IS PHENOMENAL. And Biblical accurate.

Taliban ted is evil. Nothing but apostasy. BEWARE.

Taliban Ted is an evil false prophet. If anyone really wants to know what happened to the Jews, visit Answers in Genesis. Their scientific research utilizing the most advanced DNA technology of today, and the latest archeology and linguistic research, is absolutely unparalleled.

“Palestinians” are NOT descended from the Philistines who were SEA PEOPLES escaping either/or or both Volcanic Eruption/Earthquakes/Tsunamis in their Island(s) in the Mediterranean. Philistines were NOT Semitic/Arabic. I subscribe to you & have great respect for you, agree on the overwhelming majority of things of which you write, but this point needs to be made. Palestinians are NOT descended from the Philistines. Though the Arabic Bedou DID live at various times in the section of land called “Philistia” by Jews & Romans (present day Gaza). As far as Ishmael goes: “Hagar (Ishmael’s Egyptian Mom) found her son a wife from Egypt, and they settled in the desert of Paran”. Genesis 21:14-21. Desert of Paran is in Egypt. Canaan was comprised of what is now modern Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan & part of modern day Israel. Residents of Canaan were not a cohesive group, they were of different ethnicities and were never politically-united into a single kingdom. Have a great, safe week! And keep a swivel head for Hamas sympathizer terrorists! Chad Joseph, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Be very careful when it comes to “Taliban Ted.” Ted Weiland’s book and website are full of apostasy. Unbelievable.

I was appalled at what he wrote about our Constitution. It IS Biblical. And it is NOT to blame for America’s woes today. That is the lie from hell.

America’s problems don’t stem from the Constitution or our Founders. They stem from WALKING AWAY from it’s Christian/Judaic principles. Is the Constitution perfect? no. But it’s not flawed in the twisted way Ted proclaims.

America’s woes stem from the same source as ancient Israel’s fall.

THINK: Israel started out with laws and a system of government handed to them by God Himself. Via Moses. The perfect “Constitution” if you will.

So do you blame God and His laws for the fall of Israel? Of course not. No more than you can blame the demise of America on the Founders or our Constitution.

America is falling for the exact same reasons as ancient Israel.

1) Both walked away from God
2) Both stopped teaching their children of God, removing God from society.
3) Both also allowed their culture to be polluted by neighboring people and invasions.

Sound familiar? It should. Blessings and curses. Plain and simple.

Be very careful around false preachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Taliban Ted rails on about article 6 of our Constitution, not requiring people to be Christian to run for office.
Well, that would be SHARIA. Sorry.

May have been done in the colonies, and even article 6 was only refers to the federal government, it didn’t forbid states from requiring a “Christian test” for office. But this died out for very good reasons.

First, for the reason that Thomas Jefferson stated. Free will. No govt. coercion.

And even if you DID require someone be Christian, what is to stop anyone from pretending to be Christian in order to run for office? Who makes that decision about whether someone is Christian enough? Look at Obama. He went to a “Christian” church for 20 years and we all know that he was no Christian. It would be futile.

Thomas Jefferson nailed it when he said: “Any form of coercion would be a departure from the plan of the Holy Author of our religion.”

Mankind has free will. There is no coercion or sharia in the Bible. Ted does not understand this, any more than he truely understands the Bible or Constitution.

The more I read his work, the more disgusted I get. You really need to compare his garbage to the actual Bible, and pray about it.

Your reply is excellent, and thank you for this concise correction.

The only “Palestinians” were the Jews of ancient Roman “Palestina” or the Jews that were settled in the area of “Palestine” after WW1. There were some Arabs and Jews in the area at this time (very small population) , but very few as the land was mostly desert in the southern half, and some swamp. The Arabs were given much more and much better land.

So why do the Arabs need gaza? How do “palestinian” arabs become “refugees” when Israel is surrounded by nothing but much larger Arab nations? Because they only want to completely eliminate any Jewish nation. And the Jews themselves. They idolize Hitler and openly promise to continue Hitler’s mission.

I encourage anyone to read Israel’s declaration of independence. It welcomed Arabs to stay and enjoy equal justice and opportunity. The only reason there are arabs in the West Bank is because Jordan invaded right after they become a nation. No one even bothers to remember that.

This article is a clown show. The only Semites in Israel are the Palestinians. The Chews there come from Russia

Nope. The British gave the area known as Israel today the name “Palestine” (The Palestine mandate) which is the name the Romans gave Israel to separate the Israeli’s from their heritage. It was an insult.

So the original ‘Palestinians” WERE the “Jews” that were either there or emigrated there (and not just from Russia).

NOTE: We used the term “Jew, but the more accurate term would be ISRAELITES. (Jew as a term that came about when Israel split into 2 nations. The Israelites of the southern nation, Judea, were called “Jews.” The northern nation remained “Israel.” All Jews are Israelites, but not all Israelites are technically “Jews.”)

There NEVER was a nation of “Palestine” nor a “Palestine people.” Never.

When Israel declared themselves a nation, they ditched the term “Palestine” and adopted the ORIGINAL ANCIENT name of ISRAEL.

The ARABS in the area started calling themselves “Palestinians” because they knew it was an insult and they refused to recognize any Jewish nation. The term “Palestinian” wasn’t even used until about 1964, and Israel had been a nation from 1948. Do the math. The “Palestinians” are Arab, and they are liars.

I do agree that this article is a “clown show.” The Egyptian pharaoh NEVER gave Canaan to the Israelites. This CLOWN author is leaving out the entire book of EXODUS. The Pharaoh EXPELLED the Israelites from Egypt, and the Israelites wandered the desert for FOURTY YEARS before conquering Canaan, and giving birth to ancient Israel. Jerusalem has ALWAYS been the capital of Israel, both in ancient times over 2500 years ago, and today.

The Palestine Mandate gave much more land to the Arabs, and much better land. The small portion given to the Jewish people was mostly desert, a little swamp up north, and sparsely inhabited. A few Jews from ancient times and a few Arabs had settled in this wild area.

Why would the Arabs, even in the area of Israel, ever be “refugees” when Israel was SURROUNDED entirely by much larger Arab states? Mmmmm?

BECAUSE THEY NEVER WANTED A NATION OF ISRAEL TO EXIST. Plain and simple. They do not want peace. They do not even want a 2 state solution. They want total annilhation of the state of Israel. Period.

There is no negotiating with gazan’s who were indoctrinated from birth to hate Jews and Americans alike (little satan and big satan). gaza is a breeding ground for terrorists and terrorism. Make no mistake, they are brutal animals that never wanted any kind of peace. Not ever. To think that they can ever be negotiated with just betrays a total ignorance of the players. It is not possible. Take it from there.

If anyone really wants to know what happened to the Jews, visit Answers in Genesis. Their scientific research utilizing the most advanced DNA technology of today, and the latest archeology and linguistic research, is absolutely unparalleled.

Visit Answers in Genesis. Their scientific research utilizing the most advanced DNA technology of today, and the latest archeology and linguistic research, is absolutely unparalleled.

Obviously, no pharaoh ever gave Canaan to Abraham. And Abimelech didn’t even exist yet.
Abraham’s sons were *ISAAC* and ISHMAEL.
You state Abrahams 3 main descendants were “Ishmael, Essau, and Jacob” and completely leave out the ONE AND ONLY SON OF PROMISE. ISAAC.

ISAAC WAS *THE* MAIN DESCENDANT from whom Israel comes.
ISHMAEL was who the Arabs come from.

ISAAC fathered Jacob and Esau.

Jacob became “Israel” and his 12 sons became the 12 tribes of Israel.

Esau moved to Edom and his son’s 12 tribes became the Edomites.

And this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say that the Israelites bought the land from the Canaanites. Joshua and the Israelites killed the majority of the Canaanites, who were exceedingly evil. They were known for child sacrifice and Joshua was commanded by God to leave no one alive. Sounds brutal, but it’s kinda like wiping out hamas. It’s the only way to end the evil for good.

Where did you get your information from? Did you even read your sources?

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