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Is Medicaid Expansion being forced on Idaho? Just Say No!

This appears to be the Camel is sticking his nose under the government welfare tent to try to get Medicaid expansion into Idaho. We already depend on the Federal government for 36% of our state budget. This will just put us deeper in the Fed’s debt. Where does it stop? We have a Governor who will not stand up to the Feds and a group of Professional Legislators who hang on his coat tails and do his bidding each and every time there is money available from the Federal Government.

Why don’t we fix our broken healthcare system in Idaho where the Health Insurance companies pay off the Professional Politicians each election year with campaign contributions and continue to hold a monopolistic grip over our state?

How about fixing our broken hospital no- profit hospital system who also contribute to the Professional Politicians each election as they continue to raise fees on everything from aspirin to CT scans. Tell me why it costs $40,000 for a 3 day facility usage charge in St. Luke’s. We have no transparency in our hospital system and what appears to be a lot of collusion at the insurance companies that control our medical care. Why don’t we set up more free clinics to stop the surge of patients who go to the emergency rooms and rack up huge unnecessary bills at the expense of everyone else in the system?

What Shanahan at the Dept. of Health and Welfare is asking is for the legislature to put another federal band aid on our healthcare system which eventually will fail to help the people it is intended to. What we need are some new legislators who will not be lap dogs for the Governor, legislators with bold new ideas that don’t include federal assistance for everything we do.

If our Governor and Legislators put just half the effort they put into grabbing more federal funds into getting our land back, we could build a new economy with high paying jobs and stop all of the federal handouts.

You will have a choice in 2016 to go to the polls and reelect the same old Professional Politicians who raise your taxes and create more rules and regulations for you to follow every year, or you can vote for true conservatives who actually want to get Idaho off of the Federal Dole. Conservatives who care about rebuilding a state that has been in a downturn since 2007 with median incomes down 10% since Butch Otter was elected Governor. Everything may seem good in the Treasure and Magic Valley but take a trip to the rural areas and you will find a much different scenario where people are working 2 and 3 jobs to feed their families.

That sucking sound you hear is your tax money being wasted by crony politicians who don’t care one iota about the citizens of Idaho, only about their reelection to office. Make your vote count in 2016.

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